In this edition of Prime, we chat with singer and songwriter Lira. She’s back to singing after what she terms her ‘stroke of luck.’ Refreshed, recharged, and fearless, she shares that being reborn means there is a new Lira with a renewed love of life, which she embraces ‘with all the enthusiasm of a child.’ She retains the same indomitable spirit that led her to leave a secure job in accountancy to pursue her dream of becoming one of South Africa’s best-known vocal artists. Her enjoyment of adventure remains unchanged, but today she sings a different, more harmonious tune. We also offer tips and advice to readers unsure of how to expand their horizons this winter. While the possibilities are endless, we provide a few travel ideas—whether you’re eager to board a large boat or dream of a safari straight from your adventurous childhood imagination, explore our travel suggestions for a great winter or summer break. New research confirms what we’ve long suspected: getting enough good-quality sleep can add years to your life. We delve into this in our story on longevity and sleep. If you’re interested in building your wealth, our experts share their insights on constructing a wealth portfolio, investing in properties, and why local art is a winning investment.


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