A fit-for-purpose kitchen

Written by Shereen Lurie

In a well-designed kitchen that serves its purpose effectively, both aesthetics and functionality hold equal significance. Such a kitchen incorporates high-quality products that simplify the cooking process and enable the cook to navigate the space effortlessly. Our team of kitchen experts offers valuable guidance on creating inspiring spaces that consider visual appeal while addressing cooking habits, workflow, and storage requirements.

In terms of design, what does a fit-for-purpose kitchen look like?

“When planning a kitchen, attention to detail from the outset is a must. Start by considering the kitchen space and noting down all the features of your dream kitchen. You can include more intangible ideas on this list that your kitchen architect can assist with – mixed-materials cabinetry, different countertop finishes, and so on. Designing a kitchen isn’t just about working out a kitchen layout that fits the space – kitchen planning needs to run around how you use the room, too.” – Selma Zaifoglu, architect and director at Linear Concepts

Linear Concepts

What are the must-have design elements for this type of kitchen?

“Kitchens should have clear, cohesive but complementary areas for activities. When designing a kitchen, clients should be clear about what will enable their unique lifestyle, whether it be existing or aspirational. 

“A kitchen’s primary role is to enable the storage and preparation of food and drink, as well as the disposal of waste and cleaning. Here at Homefarm, we are driving a new dimension for the kitchen space, and that is the actual growing of fresh produce, making the functionality of the kitchen more foundational to the inhabitants of the home. 

“The ergonomics and design flow of a kitchen are critical to its usability. Complementary spaces and appliances should be placed to enable seamless processes. When a Homefarm Indoor Farm is incorporated into a kitchen for example, it can serve as an aesthetic centre piece, near to the food preparation area, thereby making it easy to access your fresh produce as needed to incorporate into your freshly prepared meals.” – Michael Currin, CEO and head of product at Homefarm


What are the must-have big appliances for a fit-for-purpose kitchen?

“I always recommend clients design their kitchens around their cooking appliances. Decide on whether they would like a hob or cooker, and the size of the oven, or if they would like a double oven. I think it’s a really good idea to go with an integrated microwave and the other thing that has been really popular lately, the integrated warmer drawer. You can keep your food and plates warm, while still giving your kitchen a seamless look.” – Richard Hirsch, CEO of Hirsch’s


What are you seeing internationally for a fit-for-purpose kitchen that we can look forward to in SA soon?

“A trend that we see internationally is linked with both design and functionality. Products (especially cooking) are still leaning towards a modern black glass design and a handleless flushed configuration. We are still seeing a movement towards ‘smart’ products that can be linked to a smart device for remote control and remote monitoring.” – Estiaan de Lange, product manager at Whirlpool



Shereen Lurie

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