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Give your home a new lease on life with The Home Channel and The Home Channel + in August.

Farmhouse Facelift

Just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it’s past its prime! Siblings Billy Pearson, a craftsman contractor, and Carolyn Wilbrink, a designer, tackle the toughest farmhouse renovations for their clients, bringing stunning designs and customized modern conveniences to each project. These are tired homes that come to life with a bit of love.

A 150-year old property recently taken over by the next generation in the family gets a radical redesign to suit the new owners, and grandma, who still lives in the house with them. Two daughters enlist the help of Billy and Carolyn to makeover their mother’s farmhouse which is in need of a fresh new look and a few additions. And a couple moving to the country to live the slow life find that their home is not quite living up to the vision, so the team transform it into an entertainer’s dream!

Mondays 20:00 / Thursdays 16:00

Island of Bryan

The Baeumlers’ family adventure continues in a brand new season of Island of Bryan. Bryan and Sarah continue to take on new projects and build a home-base in Florida. After three years of transforming a run-down hotel into the upscale Caerula Mar Club, they’ve chosen a house in Florida to become their new home base.

The house has an attached airplane hangar and a community runway, allowing the Baeumlers quick access to the island and their other projects. Bryan finally achieves his lifelong dream of getting his pilot’s license, and Sarah opens a new office and pursues ambitious solo business ventures. They struggle to define wants vs. needs, their long-term plans in Florida, and what’s next, all while working on creating the most beautiful spaces.

Tuesdays 20:00 / Fridays 16:00

Weekend Refresh

Tia Mowry’s Weekend Refresh gives crafty homeowners two days, $2000, and the help of a designer & DIY expert to turn their sad space into a room they will love. They’ll create some amazing projects and learn tips and tricks along the way. 

Tia helps besties Tselane & Reese transform their dark and drab living room into a colourful space with accents and greenery, perfect for entertaining. With Tia’s help, new parents Akash & Vrunda turn their adult bar space into the perfect playroom for their young toddler and Tia helps artsy couple Dolly & Jordan transform their cluttered garage into a fun and funky entertaining space that can be used for creating art and music as well.

Mondays 19:30 / Saturdays 10:30

Scotland’s Home of The Year

Take inspiration from some of the best homes in Scotland, as three property experts travel far and wide, exploring, and judging homes in a bid to find Scotland’s Home of The Year. Follow architect and university teacher, Michael Angus, renowned interior designer, Anna Campbell-Jones, and lifestyle blogger, Kate Spiers. 

In each episode, three stunning homes are put under the spotlight.  We see what makes them extraordinary and get the chance to pick up a tip or two about self-building and styling.  Each of the homes is scored out of the ten, and the one with the highest score goes through to the finale, where Scotland’s Home of the Year will be crowned.

Tuesdays 19:30 / Saturdays 20:30

For all the best in home interiors, DIY, property, food and health, tune in to The Home Channel on DStv Channel 176, and The Home Channel + on Openview Channel 113.


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