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Written by Trisha Harinath

By Trisha Harinath, Project Consultant Iona O’Reilly, Property Co-ordinator Charnay Louw, Photograper Nic Baleta

Crediting the team of specialists who transformed a vision into a tangible reality within this home, the owner says every detail from the architectural nuances to the selection of finishes reflects the team’s commitment to excellence. “Their collaborative efforts have not only shaped the physical space, but also infused it with the essence of our aspirations and desires,” the owner states proudly. 

The property’s design was inspired by a desire to marry modern luxury with the owners’ classical roots. “Our goal was to craft a space that embodies our refined aesthetics, highlighting natural elements with a classical influence.” For this reason, each aspect – from the materials chosen to the finishes applied – was carefully selected to evoke sophistication and grace.

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Trisha Harinath

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