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Home of the Year

Championing individuality, creativity and commitment to design, Home of the Year features homeowners around Ireland who have done something special to the place they call home.

Over 8 weeks, 21 homes will compete for the Home of the Year title, with three very different properties featured each week.

From re-design, new builds, renovations and restorations Home of the Year features people who have made their dream home, just the way they want it. The series will showcase homes from all across Ireland including a renovated schoolhouse building and an 18th century mill-turned-home, contemporary new builds pushing the boundaries in design, a converted Irish farm cottage, re-imagined bungalows and semi-detached homes with a difference.

Mondays 19:30 / Saturdays 10:30

Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer in the Making

There’s a world of opportunity in the design arena. For many professionals, their careers began as a hobby. Popstar, Rochelle Humes is just one of those people. She takes her personal passion for all things interior décor into the world of professional interior design of Rochell Humes: Interior Designer in the Making. She’s helping deserving families transform their homes with a life-enhancing makeover.

Rochelle designs an open-plan kitchen and living space for newly-weds Rob and Amie then she helps Jade and Matty come up with a gorgeous scheme that banishes the clutter and chaos of family life.

Next, Rochelle  turns a rental into a family home as well as designs a master bedroom for Helen and Matt and so much more!

Mondays 20:00 / Thursdays 16:00

Great British Gardens

Then, in Great British Gardens, renowned horticulturist Carol Klein embarks on another season-by-season tour, visiting some of the UK’s favourite and most remarkable gardens, over the course of an entire year.

Each episode explores one inspiring garden: from the epic splendour of Arundel Castle Gardens, to the minutely tended borders of Coton Manor, or Wollerton Old Hall Gardens. And from the pioneering plantsmanship at Bressingham Hall and Beth Chatto Gardens, to two jewels in the crown of Wales’ horticultural heritage.

Sharing her extensive knowledge, Carol meets the people who care for these wonderful gardens, and learns the secrets of some of Britain’s most treasured outdoor spaces.

Tuesdays 21:30 / Fridays 17:30

Mark Moriarty: Off Duty Chef

And finally, award winning and world-renowned chef, Mark Moriarty, is the host of Mark Moriarty: Off Duty Chef. When he’s not working in some of the finest Michelin starred restaurants in Ireland, Mark loves nothing more than cooking everyday meals in his own kitchen.

And now, Mark wants to re-ignite a passion for cooking good food at home. In each episode, Mark will produce a collection of easy-to-follow recipes based around a single food group. Whether it’s all about meat one week, or pasta the next, each recipe is simple yet mouth-watering. The best thing is that each recipe features some of those staple ingredients you all have hidden in your kitchen cupboards, making cooking at home as easy as it will ever be.

Tuesdays 18:00 / Saturdays 20:30

For all the best in home interiors, DIY, property, food and health, tune in to The Home Channel on DStv Channel 176, and The Home Channel + on Openview Channel 113.


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