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By Sherneen Dayaram, Project Consultants and Property Coordinators, Debbie Zeelie and Wadoeda Brenner, Photography Nazreen Essack

This home was the culmination of a dream to create an eco-friendly Cape Dutch-style house, incorporating eco elements and creating awareness of the use of natural materials.

This is evident in the form of wooden trusses, reclaimed furniture, solar water heating, natural stone flooring, grey-water systems, bamboo, a combined gas geyser and astroturf.

Using their company, Eco Interiors and Building Supplies, combined with years of knowledge and experience, the home owners have created the perfect space for themselves. The location of the house was chosen because of its view of the vineyards, ample play area and space for their dogs.

The style is a fusion of traditional and modern, with a gable in front and a friendly path leading to the entrance, surrounded by natural stone. In the interior, a relaxed atmosphere is created through the use of warm colours, especially in the paintings and rugs. The exposed brickwork and fireplace add warmth and charm to the living areas, echoed in the treatment of the wine cellar.

A polished concrete floor is functional, durable and low-maintenance. While the initial processing of the flooring is time-consuming, requiring levelling, grinding and sealing, the end result is an elegant floor revealing the natural beauty of the materials. The use of distressed ceilings in various areas of the house adds extra character. The owners’ love for nature is reflected in the use of stone and brick, enhanced in the formal lounge with zebra print, an elephant tusk table and the floral print on the rug.

The kitchen, too, has a friendly feel. With a red stove that stands out vividly against the white tiles and furniture, the kitchen inspires the home owners to be creative, as cooking is their passion.

The main bedroom features mostly neutral colours and wooden furniture, a theme which continues into the main bathroom with the mosaic tiles and bathtub. The sophisticated loft area ensures that no space is wasted in this home. A loft bedroom with exposed trusses brings home the allure of the vineyards. This is a home that is warm, happy and spacious, energy-efficient, and uses natural elements in creative ways – a perfect blend of the modern and the traditional.


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