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Elevate your ceiling fan experience

After investing a tidy sum of money a beautiful, handcrafted timber ceiling fan, the decision between self-installation or enlisting the assistance of a capable relative may arise. Is it a prudent choice? Not quite. Timber Fans wants you to get the very best from your fan. With this goal in mind, here are several reasons why they believe the installation should be entrusted to an experienced electrical technician.

Previous experience

Installing a ceiling fan isn’t particularly complex, but it’s akin to learning to ride a bicycle. Just as you’re bound to experience a few falls and mishaps at first, handling a ceiling fan without prior experience poses risks, especially considering it’s a precision product pre-tested and pre-balanced by the supplier. Instead of taking chances, entrust the installation to someone with prior experience

The right tools for the job

Licensed electricians handle electrical wiring on a daily basis, comprehending the hazards and common pitfalls associated with it. They also have the appropriate tools to execute the job efficiently and troubleshoot any arising issues. On the other hand, DIY enthusiasts often lack the necessary tools for various situations, leading to potentially costly or unsafe mistakes.

Warranties and building regulations

Many fan warranties stipulate that installation must be performed by a licensed technician. If you choose to install it yourself and encounter an issue, your warranty may become void, potentially leading to costly repair or replacement expenses. This risk is heightened if any modifications are made to the fan during installation. Fan suppliers typically reject warranty claims if components have been altered in any manner. Similar concerns may arise if building code regulations are disregarded, and electrical compliance certificates are required for local authority approvals.

Proper placement and structural integrity

This is where experience matters more than just having an eye for design. Proper placement of the fan within the room is crucial for optimal effectiveness and safety. An experienced technician will assess if the mounting beam can safely support the weight and prevent loosening over time.

Balance, vibration or noise glitches

Occasionally, despite a relatively flawless installation, minor issues such as fan balance, vibration, or noise may arise. An experienced professional possesses a range of troubleshooting techniques to promptly identify and rectify most of these issues before attributing them to the product itself. Experience has demonstrated that inadequate performance of a ceiling fan is often attributable to installation errors rather than a defective product.

Finally, if you’ve decided to hire a professional for the job, ensure that they have prior experience in fan installation, that they have access to the supplier’s installation manual, and that they personally supervise the work instead of delegating it to an untrained assistant.



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