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Invade delves into contemporary design styles, landscapes and developing conversations around interior architecture and travel. The Home Channel probes into energetic design schemes, visit luxurious homes and enjoy local and international destinations that offer true uniqueness of style, class, culture and heritage.

Hear interior designers, architects, resort owners, artists, locals and game changers that work the magic: providing guests, clients and tourists with refined experiences. They walk you through design and leisure decisions that answer the questions of “How” and “Why” when it comes to creating the perfect space.

From South African mountains and Kenyan Plateaus to the high rising buildings of Dubai, be transported and inspired on a true Invade adventure.”

Mondays 19:30 / Thursdays 15:30

Find Your Dream Home

On Find Your Dream Home, host, Deborah Hutton is curious to find out what your dream home means to you.

The dream means something different to every one of us. Our homes are as individual as we are. Deborah tours a vast array of diverse spaces and talks to the owners to get their story. From tiny little compact abodes to a church conversion and great architectural masterpieces, all of these homes have passionate owners that adore them.

You’ll see three different options and price points. Starting with the lowest price and ending with the most expensive.

So, what is your dream home?

Tuesdays 15:00 / Thursdays 19:00

Great Irish Interiors

Great Irish Interiors has been granted exclusive access to follow a number of historical interior restorations around Ireland, through the eyes of those spearheading the projects . There is huge public interest and curiosity in what once lay behind the doors, and within the walls, of the coveted ‘big house’. 

Follow restoration teams as they endeavour to return the interiors of these buildings to the condition and style they were in at the height of their glory. With the experts often working exclusively from archives, and very little photographic evidence, they have to be creative, but accurate. Great Irish Interiors tracks the process as they seek out the furniture, ornaments and priceless artwork that once belonged to these houses. 

It’s all about the chase to reclaiming the special treasures that tell the incredible stories of these Great Irish Interiors. 

Mondays 19:00 / Thursdays 15:00

Interior Design Masters

Interior Design Masters, hosted by Alan Carr, sees ten talented, aspiring designers looking for their big break in the fast-paced world of commercial interior design. They will be competing to win a career-defining contract with one of UK’s top hotels. Design expert, Michelle Ogundehin, returns as the series judge. 

Each week, the designers will be set a new challenge, crisscrossing Britain to take on the interiors of luxury apartments, hotels, school common rooms, shops, shepherd’s huts, cafes, luxury holiday lodges and bars. Their skill and expertise will hopefully create design magic to impress the discerning judges. Michelle is joined every week by a different guest expert, on hand to offer their advice and appraisal. 

Mondays 15:00 / Wednesdays 19:00

For all the best in home interiors, DIY, property, food and health, tune in to The Home Channel on DStv Channel 176, and The Home Channel + on Openview Channel 113.


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