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By Heidi Olivier, Project Consultant Candice Jin, Photography Anton van Straaten

These home owners wanted a secure environment in which to live without the feeling of being “locked in” by brick and concrete walls. “We chose to build in this estate because we liked the security of being in a gated community, but still had the open space and natural green belts running through the estate that give you a sense of being connected to nature.

“The piece of land we chose is also situated next to the river and green belt so it lends itself to extending our ‘garden’ view as no one will be able to build in front of us. Due to over-population in our urban areas you don’t often find sites like this anymore,” says the home owner.

This stunning home was a three-year project of love and blood, sweat and tears, but the result is exactly what the owners wanted. And although it is hi-tech, it is still a comfortable, livable home that portrays a mix of their personalities.

They created a space that was both open-plan and homely – a barn-style layout with high ceilings and large rooms but with a modern feel centered around the entertainment areas.

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