How to craft the bathroom of your dreams

A beautiful life begins with a beautiful space, and what better place to start than your bathroom? Whether you’re envisioning a serene retreat or an elegant sanctuary, Shazeen Jooma, head of marketing at Classic Luxury Tiles and Bathrooms, shares a guide to living beautifully through the creation of your dream bathroom.

1. Elevate your style: Set the tone for your beautiful bathroom by defining a style that resonates with you. Whether it’s a cosy spa-like haven or a contemporary retreat, let your personal style guide your design choices.

2. Timeless elegance: Experience the beauty of timeless elegance with premium tiles. Classic Luxury Tiles offers a range that transcends aesthetics, providing a foundation of enduring beauty that stands the test of time.

3. Statement fixtures: Transform your bathroom into a visual masterpiece with statement fixtures. Freestanding tubs, elegant vanities, and designer faucets not only enhance the visual appeal but also add functionality to your space.

4. Smart technology: Infuse beauty with convenience through smart technology. Explore intelligent mirrors, programmable showers, and cutting-edge toilets that seamlessly integrate into your vision of a beautifully functional bathroom.

5. Luminous lighting: Illuminate your space with the luminosity of beauty. Layered lighting, carefully chosen fixtures, and a thoughtfully planned lighting scheme can create a beautiful ambiance that complements your overall design.

6. Sophisticated accessories: Indulge in sophisticated accessories that add both beauty and comfort to your space. Plush towels, aromatic diffusers, and stylish storage solutions can enhance the overall beauty of your bathroom.

7. Tailored aesthetics: Infuse your personal touch into the design with personalised details. Custom cabinetry, unique artworks, or a curated display of your favourite bath products can elevate the beauty of your space.

8. Comfortable aesthetic: Experience the beauty of comfort through carefully chosen materials. Classic Luxury Tiles ensures not only a beautiful aesthetic but also a tactile and comfortable experience in every corner of your bathroom.

9. A soothing palette: Choose a colour palette that soothes and beautifies. Soft neutrals, gentle blues, or muted greens can create a serene atmosphere, contributing to the overall beauty of your bathroom.

10. Sustainable beauty: Embrace beauty with a sustainable touch. opt for eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient fixtures that not only enhance the beauty of your bathroom but also align with a commitment to a beautiful, green lifestyle.



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