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Make your patio cosy for winter

I love being outside. Whenever the weather is favourable, I spend time outdoors enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and hosting events al fresco for my friends and family. So when winter sweeps in, I use some clever design tricks and additions to make my patio a bit cosier and turn it into an outdoor space that I can use all year round. If you’d like to adapt your patio for the chilly season ahead, try some of these ideas below:

If you can splurge, why not invest in a rooftop? While not only increasing the value of your property, roofs will retain the heat in the winter making the space more comfortable to be in. If you’re on a budget, you can look into seasonal canopies that provide a similar effect to that of a roof.

For patios that are enclosed, thick thermal-backed curtains and shade screens will instantly help to keep the heat inside in winter and can also be useful in summer when you want to keep heat out.

An obvious way to winterise your patio is by building a fireplace or fire pit. If you’re living in a rental or don’t want to make that kind of investment, you can place standing gas heaters around the patio. This is a great way for creating a campfire feel.

Illuminate the seating areas in your patio with portable candles and tiki torches. This will light up and warm up the space while creating an inviting and romantic atmosphere, especially when hosting an event in the evening.

You can visually warm up your patio by placing brightly coloured accessories and cosy winter items like textured blankets, throws and pillows on your couches. You can also put an area rug beneath your furniture to make your flooring warmer and more comfortable.


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