New beginnings

Start the year with a fresh look at your home and take inspiration from what other people are doing in theirs.

Top Million Dollar Agent

Real Estate Agents Jasmine Xuereb & Laura Compagni team up to help the super-wealthy as they hunt for their dream homes, dream holidays and dream investments on Top Million Dollar Agent.

This is no ordinary home buying show. These are the big spenders who are looking for their ideal properties, be they in their own country or some exotic location beyond their home shores. The pressure is on our agents to find the properties that will match the brief, and to drive home the sales. 

The show is geared towards everyone from first time buyers to experienced investors and gives viewers a glimpse into the personal lives and careers of top real estate professionals. The goal is to entertain and enlighten audiences about the growing million-dollar residential market. Tune in to satisfy your curiosity!

Tuesdays 19:30 / Saturdays 17:00

The Property Game

Back at home, The Property Game is hosted by celebrity TV host ProVerb. In each episode he is joined by Sylvia Milosevic, the multi-millionaire property investor and mentor. In this documentary series, new investors tell their stories of how they got started in the property game. They share their journeys on their first deals, we find out what led to each investor’s success, and we get first-hand insight into the highs, the lows, the challenges – and, most importantly, how each deal brought the investor closer to financial freedom.

We also find out that success in property investment is not just strategy and skill. The right mindset is equally important. Over and above the property investment insights and information shared in the show, Sylvia and ProVerb present valuable personal development and mindset lessons needed to achieve success. The Property Game is aimed not just at the aspiring property investor but also at anyone who is looking for the skills and insights to be successful in life.

Wednesdays 20:30 / Saturdays 17:30

Carol Drinkwater’s Secret Provence

For over 30 years, Carol Drinkwater has been living the Mediterranean life in Provence. Now she’s inviting viewers into her home, an olive farm overlooking the bay of Cannes. She’ll be sharing her local secrets and visiting the places that play an important part in her life and have inspired her writing in Carol Drinkwater’s Secret Provence.

We experience the rural life as Carol shows us the process of harvesting olives, visits with her neighbour, a professional beekeeper, for help with her own bees and we see how her nephew uses his musical skills to encourage her plants to grow.  
Carol also travels to other regions for help from the locals. She makes a trip to Grasse where she hand-picks jasmine flowers to create a fresh fragrance and visits the wild horses of Camargue. This is country life at its finest, and Carol is inviting you along to experience its joys. 

Wednesdays 14:00 / Fridays 18:00

Grand Designs New Zealand

And finally, we see the start of a brand new season of Grand Designs New Zealand where architect and host, Chris Moller, takes us into the heart of life’s great unfolding human stories. Ordinary Kiwi families risk all to experiment with architecture, technology, and their own lifestyle, in the most geographically challenging locations.

This show features a particularly diverse range of home building projects. From a perfect Feng Shui home to an architecturally designed masterpiece in Cass Bay that takes its inspiration from a rare white whale.

In Marlborough Sound, a family tackle this season’s most challenging and isolated site. Accessible only by water or air, its high stakes jeopardy as the homeowners bring in huge steel frames, massive spans of glass and one grand piano by helicopter. And in Piha, a couple pit their wits against raging storms and inclement weather to build a lifestyle home on the side of a steep, vertiginous slope overlooking the beach.

Thursdays 21:00 / Saturdays 16:00

For all the best in home interiors, DIY, property, food and health, tune in to The Home Channel on DStv Channel 176, and The Home Channel + on Openview Channel 113.


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