New shows on The Home Channel

Tune in for an exciting line-up of brand new shows on The Home Channel and The Home Channel + in April.

Smart Home Nation

Showcasing the incredible technologies that are transforming the way we live, Smart Home Nation offers a VIP tour of the most amazing automated homes on the planet. From beds that rate your sleep, to a security system that generates holograms of giant dogs, every episode takes viewers on an exclusive room-by-room tour of two over-the-top show-stopping homes. 

Sweeping cinematography offers spectacular views from every angle and cutting-edge CGI opens up walls and floors to reveal how the technology works. Hosted by Emmy®-nominated design guru Tanya Memme, the series navigates an infinitely customizable fantasy world—all while serving up great tips for making any home just a little bit smarter.

Tuesdays 19:30 / Saturdays 20:30

Gut Job

When pro athlete turned all-star builder Sebastian Clovis discovered the ‘dream home’ he had just purchased required a total nightmare Gut Job, he tackled it like he has everything in life – all in. 

Stripping his house back to the studs to rebuild it safer and more stunning than ever, Sebastian knows how overwhelming the process can be. For less prepared homeowners, a paralyzing barrage of decisions and surprises could put them months behind and wildly over budget, but this reno expert has the know-how and the passion to tackle it all head on. 

Sebastian is on a mission to guide homeowners through the biggest renovations of their lives, bringing his creativity, support and team to each project. Together they design, demolish, rebuild and beautify their nightmare properties into jaw-dropping dream homes.

Tuesdays 20:00 / Fridays 16:00

Nadiya’s Time to Eat

Effortlessly impressive meals, made for hectic lives. Nadiya Hussain shares her clever time-saving kitchen hacks and simple, delicious recipes on Nadiya’s Time to Eat. She’ll prove that everyone can make great home-cooked meals and sweet treats, no matter how busy they are or how complicated a life they lead. You don’t have to be a word class chef with a team of cooks behind you, or spend all day in the kitchen. Simple, quality ingredients and a few clever hacks and you can have dinner on the table in no time!

Along the way, Nadia goes to the rescue of people living hectic lives, such as firemen, truckers and working parents, to help them become heroes in their kitchens by putting her teaching in to practice. She also meets with people in the food industry who prepare and produce her favourite time-saving ingredients so you can see how they are made.

Thursdays 18:00 / Sundays 13:30

Eyes for the Job

On Eyes for the Job, viewers follow handyman Chris Judge, who is blind, along with co-host Erwan Fresq, as they take on do-it-yourself projects in their community working from their travelling workshop in a converted camper van. From renovating kitchens and home offices to backyards and basements, Chris and Erwan tackle DIY with a smile.

Born the son of a carpenter, Chris’ interest in building started at a young age. Always eager to learn new skills, that interest grew into a passion for carpentry and other do-it-yourself projects, making Chris a lifelong handyman. He brings a unique perspective to the show as he was also born blind and will share some of his accessibility tips in the hopes of inspiring other individuals who are blind or partially sighted to get creative and try some DIY projects of their own.

Tuesdays 19:00 / Fridays 15:00 

For all the best in home interiors, DIY, property, food and health, tune in to The Home Channel on DStv Channel 176, and The Home Channel + on Openview Channel 113.


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