Practical bathroom upgrades

Practical bathrooms don’t have to be boring – with the right colour choices, they can be both functional and stylish. Whether it’s your en suite or a busy family bathroom, with the right tools and advice you get the best of both worlds – a stylish space to enjoy that can also cope with daily wear and tear.

“A bathroom is one of the essential rooms in your home, but as well as serving a practical purpose, it can also be a place to relax, unwind and de-stress. A thoughtful colour and design scheme won’t just make your space more functional — it can turn it into a space to fully enjoy your moments of self-care”, says Palesa Ramaisa, Dulux Colour Expert.

Whether you’re planning to change things up with a touch of paint or the use of accessories, here are some ideas for a refresh with a lasting impact that won’t break the bank.

Choose paint instead tiles

If your current bathroom tiles are looking outdated and you’re unsure of the direction you want your bathroom to take, consider getting rid of the tiles altogether and using a high-quality bathroom paint instead.  

“When it comes to painting a bathroom, wall preparation such as damp proofing is essential. Once you have the basics in place it is always best to use paint that is resistant to moisture and mould such as Dulux Bathroom+  paint that is designed with steam-resistant technology and a wipeable finish,” adds Ramaisa.

Colours used: Wall – Grey Pennant; Vanity – Snowfield; Trims – Purest Frost

Add greenery to your bathroom space

For a naturally colourful upgrade, incorporate the liveliness of houseplants plants into your bathroom decor to infuse your space with freshness, colour, and a touch of nature.

“Shades of blue like Blue Waltz and Brooding Storm can add a calming touch to your space. Bring the outside in with wooden accessories and potted plants. Plants in the bathroom act as natural air purifiers, filtering out harmful toxins and releasing fresh oxygen into the air. Look for plants that can thrive in a moist, humid, and steamy environment. Add fresh and fluffy white towels to the mix to elevate the look and feel of your bathroom and create a clean and luxurious atmosphere in your oasis”, comments Ramaisa.

Go for bold shades

If you are looking for a more dramatic, moody, and bathroom style then go for dark shades.

“Dark colours create a sense of depth and drama and can infuse your bathroom with contrast and elegance. Dark colours like Black Mica create a sense of comfort, emphasise the space and are a fantastic backdrop on which to showcase accessories and textures. Add personality with elements such as stone, ceramic tiles, exposed bricks and natural fabrics in the form of laundry baskets’’, adds Ramaisa.

Colours used: Blue Waltz; Brooding Storm; Black Mica

Elevate your bathroom with an accent wall

If you want to create a more inviting space in your bathroom, an accent wall with a pop of colour will help you achieve that look and feel.

“A bathroom accent wall will create the illusion of space while giving your bathroom a unique sense of character. You can add colour, contrast, or a focal point in your bathroom by painting a feature wall to make an impact”, concludes Ramaisa.

A well-decorated bathroom adds aesthetic value to your home and contributes to health and wellbeing. Painting an existing cabinet or a mirror frame for a quick update can liven up the bathroom. For small bathrooms, invest in multifunctional items to make the most of space while still adding an element of fun. Install floating shelves above the sink or under a mirror, paint a wooden ladder as a decorative item that doubles as a towel rack and hide clutter in attractive containers that match your colour scheme.  

No matter what your bathroom style is, you can find help choosing your winning colour combinations by picturing them before you paint with the Dulux Visualizer App. The app allows you to test out a range of colour options with Colour Finder but also match existing decor through the Colour Picker function.


Colours used: Tranquil Dawn; Jordan; Sapling


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