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Shared Roots by Renata Larroyd

In the heart of Sea Point, Cape Town, a cultural tapestry unfolds at the Nosso décor and lifestyle store throughout February. Renata Larroyd, a Brazilian photographer, brings her first solo exhibition, “Shared Roots,” to South Africa, inviting visitors on a visual journey that explores the deep cultural connections between her homeland and this vibrant corner of Africa.

Renata’s journey as a photographer began with the gift of a camera from her grandmother during her childhood in Brazil. Growing up in a family that embraced travel, her lens became a powerful tool for freezing moments, capturing emotions, and telling stories. Despite starting her professional career in corporate jobs, Renata’s passion for photography deepened, eventually leading her to make the bold decision to quit her job and dedicate herself fully to photography.

Known for her ability to connect with subjects and capture raw, genuine emotions in her portrait photography, Renata describes her work as a documentary photographer. She delves into cultural diversity, shedding light on the human condition and the often-overlooked everyday moments. Her style is characterised by candid, unposed shots, preferring natural lighting and often choosing black-and-white tones to emphasise authenticity.

Renata’s relationship with South Africa began in 2005 when her family hosted a South African exchange student. This experience deepened her understanding of the country’s cultural richness, sparking a personal connection that later influenced her career. In 2018, she took a transformative step by enrolling in the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Program at the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg, dedicating herself to capturing social issues in Africa.

Her exhibition, “Shared Roots,” explores the influence of African culture on everyday life in Brazil. Through her lens, she examines the cultural ties between Brazil and South Africa, highlighting Afro-Brazilian religions, music traditions, and the profound impact of African rhythms.

The uniqueness of this particular body of work lies in her collaboration with talented embroiderers, Patrícia Saraiva and Rosele Martins. Together, they create a symbiosis between photography and textile art, infusing each photo with Brazilian craft, tradition, and Bahian culture.

Visitors to the Nosso store can expect more than just a display of photographs. Renata will host an interactive storytelling session on the opening evening, offering insights into the cultural contexts and personal stories behind each image. Limited edition prints will also be available.

Renata’s “Shared Roots” is not just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of cultural connections, a visual narrative that transcends boundaries, inviting viewers to explore the shared roots that bind Brazil and South Africa.

The exhibition opens on Monday, 5 February at 5pm at the Nosso store located at 67A Regent Street, Sea Point.

Visit www.nosso.co.za and www.rlarroyd.com

Renata Larroyd


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