Storage in style

By Trisha Harinath

According to Vinesh Maharaj, from The Kitchen Studio, in the old days pantries were always a necessity as it was more practical to store produce bought in bulk, at home, than to travel a distance to shops all the time.

Even though times have changed, some people still find pantries more practical. Industry experts have noticed a renewed interest in pantries and storage facilities and have come up with ideas that will enable home owners to create these elements even when space is limited.

Patrick Gardner, of Gardner Brothers Interiors, suggests that these days it is definitely not necessary to go as far as dedicating a room to be a walk-in pantry. In fact, he says that one of the most convenient and cost effective methods would be to use a dead/void corner boxed between cupboards and just add side panels and a door.

Wendy Grater, from Alpine German Kitchens, says that varieties include walk-in fridges; plain walk-in pantries with open shelving; and scullery, laundry and utility rooms. When creating a pantry or a storage unit, there are factors that one needs to consider. There should be proper ventilation which can come from a fan or a dehumidifier, and a sensor light should be installed.

When it comes to the aesthetics of this unit, Wesley Butler, a kitchen designer from the Kitchen Clinic says that they are entirely dependent on your personal tastes and requirements.


Trisha Harinath