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Written by Shereen Lurie

Playing with proportions will help to create stylish vignettes in your home. Discover six modern ways to style a credenza.

Less is more

“Finish of your credenza with an artwork or a mirror above it. It is important to balance the credenza and that doesn’t mean that you have to use two of the same lights or objects. You can have a light on the one side, a tray with some drinks in the middle and a pot plant with a sculpture and some coffee table books to balance it out on the other side. Don’t overdo it, remember less is more. If you doubt about adding something to your credenza rather don’t. ” – Anien Bell, Green Scene Interiors

Green Scene Interiors

The Rule of Three

“Grouping in three always works best for me as I prefer a cleaner non-cluttered, less-is-more look. Grouping in three is an effective way of creating interest.” – Anna Correia, Anna Correia Interior Consultant 

Anna Correia Interior Consultant

Make a statement

“If you have a focal piece like a mirror, a large canvas, or a gallery of smaller frames, consider hanging it above your credenza for a dramatic focal point.” – Leanne Van Niekerk, Leanne Van Niekerk Interiors

Leanne Van Niekerk Interiors

Create visual interest

“Add personality by layering objects you love. Think about styling with books, vases, lamps, sculptures, or organic elements. Keep a consistent colour palette throughout as this will help everything feel pulled together.” – Leanne Van Niekerk, Leanne Van Niekerk Interiors

Leanne Van Niekerk Interiors

Play with height

“Articulation and differentiation in forms and heights of objects is key to creating a layered display. Move things backwards and forwards and try to not create a single line of items. In doing so you are also able to create shadows with items and allow the display to have some life as the light changes throughout the day. Having pieces that have different heights will frame your vignette and again create visual interest to keep that eye moving across the surface.” – Bryce Henderson, TAG DESIGN


Focus on intention

“The idea of a display is to add a bit of careful, yet intentional, style without overpowering the entire vignette of it. Decide upfront on the key items, or elements, that will stand out above the rest. I like to focus my styled credenzas on particular artworks that are important to me (or a client) by giving the artwork the focal lead, and creating a hierarchy in objects that lead the eye to the artwork first. By hanging, or placing, the artwork first, the other objects begin to find themselves comfortably around it.” – Bryce Henderson, TAG DESIGN



Shereen Lurie

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