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The entertainer’s kitchen

The kitchen is no longer a space in the home hidden away from guests. Nowadays it’s the heart of the home where friends and family socialise and enjoy as much as all other rooms. Craig Dexter, ground brand manager at nuuma, shares his top tips for creating an entertainer’s dream kitchen.

What are the must-have design features for a kitchen designed for entertaining?

The kitchen needs to manage the tension between making a statement while at the same time offering a highly functional and seamless flow for all using and taking part in this space. It’s an exciting endeavour because at the core this kitchen needs to create an experience for all involved. We believe in design for people and that’s exactly what an entertainer’s kitchen needs to be – a design for people to converse and interact and connect all within an environment that offers something for the senses. 

What should be considered with regards to layout and seating?

The best layout is to ensure an ergonomic flow allowing people to be moving through the kitchen living space, and this is achieved through island designs that interact seamlessly with the other critical zones in the kitchen. Seating should be varied so as to allow for moments to pause and moments to experience. They need not be formal but engaging surrounding areas with the kitchen will also ensure a seamless flow and that every person is considered and served.

What are the main considerations when purchasing small and large appliances, and what would you recommend?

Consider an area or design element that caters for the small appliances that when not in use can be concealed but when needed are freely available. Larger appliances should be integrated and strategically positioned to ensure a functional flow as well as an aesthetic statement. 

A practical tip for achieving a well-designed entertainer’s kitchen?

Design with real people in mind, those close to you, those you desire to serve and enjoy. Then push the boundaries of design in making a statement with the kitchen without compromising on function, ensuring a space that is sophisticated yet effortless when it comes to entertaining. That’s how we approach design. 



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