Transform your bathroom with tiles

Written by Shereen Lurie

Discover expert advice and insights for homeowners aiming to integrate contemporary bathroom tile trends into your home, ensuring a timeless and personalised finish.

Bella Bathrooms & Tiles

Focus on details: “Don’t overlook the importance of grout colour and layout patterns. Grouting now comes in a variety of colours and a contrasting grout can highlight tile shapes, while matching grout can create a seamless look.” – Charlene Warwick, marketing manager at Bella Bathrooms & Tiles

Express yourself! “Mix and match different tile sizes, textures, and patterns to create a unique bathroom that reflects your personality. Remember, your bathroom is your sanctuary, so choose tiles that make you feel happy and tranquil – that’s the true hallmark of a timeless design.” – Amadea Oberholzer, executive consultant & designer at Lifestyle Ceramics

Lifestyle Ceramics

Expand on your vision. “First, define your ideal bathroom experience – is it a serene spa escape, a modern glam haven, or a beachy retreat? Picking tiles that complement this vision will set the mood for ultimate relaxation.” – Amadea Oberholzer, executive consultant & designer at Lifestyle Ceramics

Prioritise practicality: “Select tiles that align with your maintenance preferences. If you prefer low-maintenance options, opt for porcelain or ceramic tiles that are easy to clean and resistant to moisture.” – Ghizlaine Menebhi, co-founder, Opia Design

Opia Design

Timeless touches: “Incorporate classic elements that stand the test of time. Neutral colours, simple patterns, and natural materials ensure your bathroom remains stylish for years to come.” – Ghizlaine Menebhi, co-founder, Opia Design

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