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Whirlpool W9Collection launch

SA Home Owner was recently invited to the Whirlpool W9Collection launch at Discovery Health Food Studio. The W9Collection is a remarkable testament to the integration of performance and design, featuring a striking black glass exterior and an extensive range of installation options that provide discerning consumers with maximum flexibility.

A standout feature of the ovens and microwaves in the W9Collection is its advanced 6th Sense Technology, which employs intelligent sensors to deliver a fully assisted cooking experience. The 6th Sense Live App further enhances this functionality, ensuring seamless and effortless culinary preparation by allowing you to control your appliances or monitor the cooking process remotely. It also has a wide variety of recipes you can choose from, food as well as drink. The BakeSense feature in W9 ovens, another impressive innovation, leverages intelligent sensors to monitor and adjust oven settings accordingly, ensuring that every baked good emerges from the oven with optimal texture and flavour. Furthermore, the Cook4 function on the new W9 Collection oven enables users to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously while preserving their unique flavours and aromas. The oven’s powerful heating element, combined with a sophisticated airflow distribution system, provides rapid and efficient cooking that saves both time and energy.

The W9 Integrated Microwave not only boasts an efficient design and ample cavity size, but also offers the versatility of traditional ovens when it comes to cooking. By combining five household kitchen appliances into one (baking, frying without oil, steaming, grilling, and microwave cooking), this microwave oven is all you need to make baking and cooking a breeze. With Forced Air technology, the preheated air circulates inside the oven, providing a result equivalent to cooking in a traditional oven. Additionally, the Crispfry feature uses Air Fry technology, allowing you to cook delectable dishes with a fried texture and taste, but with minimal oil – making it even healthier than using a frying pan! Ultimately, the Steam&Boil feature harnesses the natural power of steam. When coupled with the complementary steam pot, this convenient program seals in flavours and nutrients while steaming or boiling food, resulting in quicker and tastier outcomes. 

Finally, the W9 built-in coffee machine is also a marvel of intelligent design as it boasts a MySmartDisplay that delivers an intuitive and user-friendly touch control experience. With the interactive display, users can fully customise their coffee experience to their unique preferences.

The W9Collection represents the pinnacle of intelligent and intuitive home appliance technology, delivering sophisticated convenience that seamlessly integrates with modern lifestyles – making it a truly remarkable addition to any home!

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