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Bath or shower – what’s better?

The daily choice between baths and showers has sparked an age-old debate, driven by personal preferences for relaxation. To determine what’s best for our bodies, considering the advantages and disadvantages of each is vital. Geberit is addressing this debate by aligning customer desires with their commitment to offering functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom solutions.

The water consumption dilemma

One of the most significant considerations in the bath versus shower debate is water consumption. Traditional statistics tell us that taking a bath can consume up to three times more water than a shower. On average, it takes about 150 litres of water to fill a standard bathtub. In contrast, a five-minute shower typically uses a maximum of 50 litres of water, depending on the type of showerhead and the duration of the shower. If you’re conscious about conserving water, you can even get by with as little as 30 litres, provided you turn off the water while lathering up.

So, where does the comfort factor come into play when opting for a shower over a bath?

Economical and skin-friendly showers

The comfort of choosing a shower lies not only in its water efficiency but also in its cost-effectiveness. In terms of water and sewerage costs, taking a bath can be up to five times more expensive than taking a shower. The financial savings associated with showers can be quite significant over time, making them a budget-friendly choice.

Moreover, showers offer benefits to your skin. A short, refreshing shower is gentler on your skin than a long soak in the bath, even when considering the potential benefits of bath additives. If you have healthy skin, you can safely take a daily shower without harming it. This means that in addition to saving money, you can enjoy the added benefit of healthier skin by choosing showers over baths.

Everything in moderation

While it’s true that there’s nothing wrong with indulging in an occasional warm bathtub soak, the key takeaway from the bath versus shower debate is “everything in moderation.” Showers have a clear advantage when it comes to water conservation, cost savings, and skin health. However, the occasional luxurious bath can still be a great way to unwind and relax. Ultimately, the choice between a bath and a shower depends on your personal preferences and daily needs.



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