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Culinary innovation: Discover the Whirlpool W9 and W7 Integrated Combi Microwaves

The Whirlpool W9 Integrated Combi Microwave represents an expansion of the sleek and modern product line within the entire Whirlpool W9 Collection. Its stylish black colour adds a desirable aesthetic touch to your kitchen. However, the advantages of the Whirlpool Integrated Microwave extend far beyond its appearance. Whirlpool has also invested in cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional performance within its spacious 40L cavity.

W9 Collection

Additionally, the W9 Integrated Microwave is 6th Sense Live enabled, allowing convenient smartphone connectivity, remote appliance control, access to recipes via the app, and remote monitoring of the cooking process.

W9 Collection. 6th Sense Live

The Whirlpool W9 and W7 Collection Integrated Combi Microwave boast a host of distinctive features. Beyond its efficient microwave oven functionality and spacious interior, it offers the versatility of a traditional oven. This integrated microwave consolidates five essential kitchen appliances into one unit, encompassing baking, oil-free air-frying (Crisp-Fry), steaming, grilling, and microwave cooking. The Forced Air technology employs an innovative convection system to circulate preheated air within the microwave, yielding cooking results on par with a conventional oven.

W7 Collection

The Crisp-Fry feature harnesses Air-Fry technology to prepare dishes with delightful crispiness and flavour, using minimal or no oil, promoting healthier cooking. With the help of a complementary steam bowl, the Steam&Boil feature leverages the power of steam to lock in flavours and nutrients, simplifying and expediting food preparation.

Whirlpool undoubtedly introduces products that aim to simplify some of your everyday activities, such as cooking for your family and friends. With their 6th Sense Technology, these amazing appliances let you focus on what matters most to you while they handle the work.



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