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Easy braaiing with Chad-O-Chef

Your outdoor braai should reflect your passion for cooking and dining. Braaiing is an experience we all cherish, so it’s essential to prioritise equipment that enhances this experience and creates a special retreat in your own backyard. You can forge unforgettable memories on Braai Day and every other day with family and friends in your outdoor entertainment area.

With a diverse range of high-quality braais tailored to various environments, price points, and tastes, Chad-O-Chef offers South Africans something exceptional, catering to a wide range of preferences. This year, Chad-O-Chef has introduced a new braai that is poised to become another South African favourite.

The Qube Braai

The Qube Braai is a mobile wood and charcoal braai that can be wheeled around to wherever the action is. When placed in an island setting, it allows everyone to gather around the fire and enjoy each other’s company while preparing a delicious feast.

With the Qube Braai’s standard features, you can grill, sear, or slow cook. These features include an open grill, a flat top grill, and a raised warmer tray for slower cooking. For an enhanced cooking experience, consider upgrading to include rotisseries.

As one of the leading brands in South Africa, Chad-O-Chef offers high-tech and innovative products that you won’t find anywhere else. What sets Chad-O-Chef braais apart is their excellent precision and engineering.

Purchase a braai for life when you get a Chad-O-Chef with the promise of a full spares backup.



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