Advertorial Kitchens

Effortless design

The contemporary kitchen seamlessly blends functionality with style. In this context, Craig Dexter, group brand manager at nuuma, provides insights into designing a kitchen that integrates with its surroundings while preserving functionality.

Overall aesthetics

In a nuuma kitchen, the overall ambiance reflects exquisite luxury. Nuuma takes into account lighting, furniture, and d├ęcor to enhance the kitchen’s aesthetics without making any compromising. These additional elements are crucial for instilling a sense of personal involvement in the space while ensuring effortless collaboration with the kitchen’s design.

Variety of materials

Nuuma continually refines its kitchens, adhering to an understated ‘less is more’ approach. However, it acknowledges the importance of introducing elements that capture interest and make a statement. To achieve the intricate details that luxury designs demand, nuuma employs a range of materials, textures, and design elements.

Nuuma consistently explores new materials, offering various finishes such as stone, glass, timber, laminates, and even fabrics. Luxury, after all, revolves around the experience, and the selection of materials, finishes, and design elements is pivotal in achieving the desired look for its modern kitchens.


In a intentionally designed space, the lighting arrangement carefully integrates both task and ambient lighting. Task-oriented illumination is positioned to enhance clarity and precision in specific areas and activities. Ambient lighting casts a gentle radiance, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encourages both productivity and relaxation.

Flexible furniture

The incorporation of thoughtfully chosen furniture imparts a sense of personal character to the space and also serves as a key element in seamlessly blending with the kitchen. Each furniture item carries its distinct style, enhancing the overall visual appeal and functionality of the surroundings. These furnishings contribute to the aesthetics and facilitate practicality, ensuring a cohesive and well-integrated environment.

Integrated appliances

Incorporating integrated appliances ensures a functional and visually pleasing appearance that seamlessly blends into the overall design. By incorporating appliances, such as ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers, into the cabinetry and counters, the kitchen has a clean and uncluttered appearance.



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