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The kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s where we socialise and express our inner Master Chef. More than a mere utilitarian space, it needs to reflect your personality. With the latest range of finishes, you’re spoilt for choice.

The buzz: Integrated appeal

Open-plan kitchens are as popular as ever – especially for large families and avid entertainers. According to Philip Richards of blu_line kitchens, “The key with open-plan kitchens is to create a functional space with flow and movement.” While your kitchen should merge seamlessly with its surrounds, the space itself should be super functional. “To ensure a relational environment, kitchen activities need to be thought through,” says Richards.

Tip: Get touchy feely. “The key with this look is to ensure that your kitchen is filled with tactile materials to add warmth and character.” – Philip Richards of blu_line


The buzz: Sleek and sophisticated

Move over Duco finishes, there’s a new super-sleek kid on the block. “Glass is the ultimate finish to achieve a modern look that fuses contemporary style and authentic luxury,” says Richards.

“Having established their popularity in Europe, crystal glass cabinets with real 2mm tempered-glass-fronted doors are now available in South Africa for the first time,” says Vinesh Maharaj of The Kitchen Studio, adding that they are available in modern gloss and matte finishes.

In addition to clean-lined aesthetics, “crystal glass cabinets are a more durable and premium alternative to Duco and lacquers. Unlike lacquers these finishes are UV-resistant, provide a consistently flawless finish and do not lose lustre over time”, explains Maharaj.

The Kitchen Studio

The buzz: Less is still more

Ultra-modern clean-lined kitchens are still hot on the radar. Think sleek clutter-free surfaces, flush built-in fridges and ovens and no-handle, push-to-open doors and drawers.

“Your choice of counter-top material will have a dramatic effect on your kitchen. To achieve a modern and minimalist aesthetic, opt for a 20mm engineered quartz surface in a colour that contrasts your cabinetry, wall colour and floors,” suggests Maharaj

The Kitchen Studio


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