Great ideas for small spaces

The realities of modern urban living and increased urbanisation mean smaller spaces, both indoors and out. However, limitations in square meterage need not equate to a compromise in comfort or style; quite the contrary. With the technical advances of modern building materials such as bamboo composites from Eva-Last and a few clever tricks, even the tiniest outdoor areas can be transformed into inviting and functional retreats.

Here are a few great ideas from Eva-Last to unlock the full potential of small outdoor spaces.

Petite private pod

Secluded small zones are just the tonic to escape the stresses and strains of the urban jungle. Create a petite and private pod for some personal time out using the warm and welcoming wooden tones of Lifespan decorative beams from Eva-Last. Whether it’s a privacy screen on a tiny Juliet balcony to shield you from your neighbour, a pergola on your patio, a meeting pod on an outdoor dining deck, or a beautiful boma in a bustling city park, Lifespan’s lightweight architectural beams can be styled into a variety of interesting designs and applications to create your perfect retreat.

Divvy up shared spaces

With real estate at a premium, the sharing economy is the order of the day – think hotdesking or WeWork/SOHO-type shared office spaces for digital nomads, mobile coffee carts on street corners with quirky clad outdoor seating, open-air markets or food courts in an outdoor piazza, or a quaint gazebo at the local community vegetable garden. Eva-Last’s extensive range of bamboo composite products allows you to partition, demarcate, and decorate large areas into several functional zones.

The attractive wood-look Evolver composite fencing with multi-directional posts allows you to segment a space into safe, secure sections, adding a natural, organic touch and texture to any outdoor area. Alternatively, you can use complementary or opposing colors or creative lay-patterns for a Pioneer, Apex, Infinity, or Eva-Tech composite deck to demarcate different areas without physical barriers.

You can also use the RapidRail posts and railing system to add barriers or demarcate a deck area without worrying about maintenance or weather damage.

Vertical gardening: If you can’t go out, go up!

Vertical gardening is a game-changer for those dealing with limited outdoor space. But if you can’t go out, go up! By utilising vertical space, you can introduce lush greenery and vibrant flora without encroaching on precious floor area. The various Eva-Last deck fascia boards offer perfect components to build gorgeous planter boxes that look natural but won’t degrade, warp, or wear in the weather.



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