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Discover the latest kitchen countertop trends to transform your space.

Stone and metal

“The mixing of natural stones and metals is a beautiful addition to any kitchen surface; the contrast is something to behold.” – Melanie Stein, managing member at EuroCasa JHB

EuroCasa JHB

Natural surfaces

“Our offerings of stainless steel and other metal worktops, paired with the soft nature of wood and some dramatic stone, accentuate the work surfaces, creating a feature everywhere you look.” – Melanie Stein, managing member at EuroCasa JHB

EuroCasa JHB

Bold design

“Bold patterns and colours are making a huge comeback this season. Use them on just one accent wall or tastefully pair with complementary plain colours as countertops. They can also be used on your island or breakfast table to create a statement.” – Fazlin Oosthuizen, head designer at BLEND Africa

BLEND Africa

Textured surfaces

“Matt and textured worktops are also trending at the moment. The key is to happily marry tones and texture to create different points of interest. Texture can be achieved in numerous ways to create a juxtaposition of two or three materials such as wood, quartz, porcelain, glass or even metal. The possibilities with texture are endless and beautiful.” – Fazlin Oosthuizen, head designer at BLEND Africa

BLEND Africa

Quartz countertops

“For the past couple of years, and the foreseeable future, Quartz countertops are here to stay. They are a durable and beautiful high-end alternative to natural granite. Porcelain-based, ceramic clay and mineral slabs are also gaining more traction thanks to vast colour ranges, multiple interior and exterior uses and thicknesses.” – Nialè van der Merwe, design consultant at Easylife Kitchens

Easylife Kitchens

Marble-look counters

“We are seeing the use of more marble-look counters. The actual counter is a porcelain most often or quartz but with marble details and textures. This is working very well for our understated look as it brings that element of refinement and sophistication that is a trademark of a nuuma kitchen.” – Craig Dexter, brand manager at nuuma


Porcelain countertops

“The use of porcelain surfaces is also increasing as the thin counters combined with varying patterns that mimic various granites and marbles are becoming more popular. We are also excited to see unique counter designs emerging with patterns that are completely custom and unseen in natural stones.” – Jenna Buys of twelve


Featured images: Easylife Kitchens


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