How to choose statement pieces for your home

In the world of home design, every element, from the statement pieces in your main bathroom to the couch in your lounge, plays a crucial role in shaping the character of your living space. Danielle Steenkamp, branch manager at Sterlings, advises that you don’t shy away from embracing bold colours and distinctive forms, as these can elevate the overall aesthetic.

Interest in colour and form

A current trend in fashion emphasises the importance of interest either in colour or form. The mantra goes, “If it’s not interesting in shape, let it be interesting in colour. If it’s not interesting in colour, make it interesting in form.” This principle holds true in interior design as well, encouraging homeowners to infuse their spaces with personality.

Adding personality sells

Contrary to a common misconception that neutral, simple homes sell best, the reality often unfolds differently. Homes that sell the quickest are those where owners incorporate their personal style and preferences. Whether you have a penchant for vibrant colours or prefer unique organic shapes, integrating these elements into your home not only pleases you but also captivates friends, family, and visitors.

Choose feature spaces

While it’s essential to infuse your style throughout your home, not every corner can be a standout piece. Focus on areas of high importance, such as the main bedroom, guest toilet, and kitchen. These spaces, valued by both current homeowners and potential future buyers, serve as the wow factors of your home.

Invest in timeless pieces

Consider investing in furniture pieces as they offer versatility, easily moving with you to different spaces while making a lasting statement. Quality items have the potential to endure the test of time, becoming family heirlooms passed down through generations.

Don’t be afraid to make your home uniquely yours. By incorporating statement pieces strategically, you not only create a space you love but also one that resonates with those who step through your doors.



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