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How to choose the right size ceiling fans

Choosing the right size of fan depends not only on the size of the room, but also on various other factors such as the room’s layout, areas where people tend to gather, airflow requirements, and ceiling height. Timber Fans offers expert advice for selecting fans that are a perfect fit for your home.

Smaller diameter fans (1.2m – 1.4m) rotate faster than larger fans and primarily produce downdraft within a radius extending up to a meter beyond the blade tips. On the other hand, larger fans (1.5m – 1.8m) produce greater side-draft and less direct down-draft. Therefore, when selecting a fan, it’s crucial to determine whether a direct cooling draft or gentle air circulation is more important for the space.

In a large room, such as a living room or dining area where many people may congregate, it may be more effective to install two or more smaller fans rather than one large diameter fan.

Below is a sizing chart to help you select the appropriate fan size for your space.

At what distance should a fan be placed from the ceiling?

While a ceiling fan operating at normal speed is not dangerous, at maximum speed it can cause damage if something gets in its way. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the fan is placed at an adequate distance from the ceiling to prevent such incidents.

It is generally recommended that ceiling fans be positioned between 2.5m – 2.9m from the floor. However, they could be hung lower if located above a dining room table or bed, where the risk of interference is minimal.

A quick rule of thumb is to measure the height from floor to ceiling and then deduct 2.7m. The resulting figure should be the length of the down rod you will need.

For safety reasons, fan blades should never be positioned lower than 2.3m from floor level. Ceiling heights and downrod lengths will vary in each building, so it is advisable to discuss specific measurements with the ceiling fan sales team.

For assistance with choosing a ceiling fan for your home, contact Timber Fans for their expertise and world-class products.


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