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How to create a Zen inspired bathroom

By Rami Moorosi

Reminiscent of high-end spas, Zen-inspired designs are an amalgamation of minimalism, clean lines, organic influences and natural hues. A Zen bathroom is the quintessential space in which you can go and forget your worries, relish the peace, and savour some real luxury. Jasmin Kraneveldt from Bathroom Bizarre talks about how to add a Zen-inspired Asian theme to your bathroom for maximum luxury, comfort and good looks.


In a Zen bathroom – less truly is more, Jasmin explains: “In a bathroom design that boasts Zen-like sensibilities, the design encourages a calm and almost meditative state.

It is therefore important to avoid over-stimulating ornamentation and clutter. This can be avoided by including a large bathroom vanity with ample drawer and cupboard space, which can hold a host of bathroom products.

Organic elements

Any successful Zen bathroom will feature a lot of organic elements in its design – including the likes of organic woven rugs, rocks and pebbles, and of course the inclusion of a lot of wood and natural light.

It is essential to ensure that the bathroom is infused with as much natural light as possible. Electric lighting is also just as important – include an array of spots, as well as a central feature light that will complement the overall design, but also stand apart as a feature in its own right.

Nature-inspired tones

All Zen bathrooms must feature a colour palette that stems from nature, says Jasmin: “Mother Nature offers the best inspiration for colour combinations – if you are ever at a loss of which colours to use together, let nature be your muse.”

Spa-like luxury

The key to creating a Zen-inspired bathroom is creating a feeling of peace, serenity and luxury. A large free-standing bath for example, will invite you to linger just a little bit longer.

Zen is a uniquely Buddhist approach to life – part of its teachings focus on experiencing life in the present, the bringing together of mind and body, and how to discover a natural balance and harmony with our environment. When you consider this, it is no surprise that it can affect every aspect of everyday life, including the way a bathroom is designed and decorated. In fact, it is these aspects that make the Zen approach to design so effective at creating truly serene and inviting spaces – perfect influences for a bathroom retreat.



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