Kitchen trends for 2022

Written by Shereen Lurie

From appliances and paint colours to luxury finishes and smart-tech, we share our nine top kitchen trends for 2022.

Natural light

“The idea behind natural light is to welcome nature with large windows over artificial lighting. Natural light highlights your materials used, such as wood, quartz, or glazed tiles, and adds warmth and spaciousness to your kitchen.” – the Easylife Kitchens team

Easylife Kitchens

All about colour

“Colour will be on the cards for 2022, especially adding pops of colour to a neutral kitchen. Our homes have become our refuge and a bold colour palette can bring your personality into your kitchen while achieving a warm charm. Green is going to be a big colour in 2022. Green embodies renewal and is a colour that home owners can’t get enough of at the moment. Many paint brands have deemed it the colour of the year, and we can see how hues of green will be trending in 2022.” – the Easylife Kitchens team

Easylife Kitchens

Beautiful essentialism

“The kitchen is having an iconic style moment and ‘less but better’ is the new form of sustainability. We’re seeing a variety of materials and textures incorporated into the kitchen – marble, stainless steel, glass, wood and ceramics, minimalist tones of white, cream and matt black and the modern layering of iconic pro cooking utensils and appliances, timeless cookware and stylish essentials.” – Louise Vorster, senior trend manager and product developer at @home


Modern farmhouse kitchen

“This is an honest, sensorial kitchen with a touch of old-world nostalgia. It’s a space where cooking and baking is celebrated as an act of love and sharing. Kitchen décor to create a farmhouse mood is key here – ceramic utensil holders and beautiful mixing bowls, wood, marble, glass, ceramic lamps, baskets for organising, recipe book holders, a KitchenAid and checked tea towels create a calm, warm, joyful and cosy space.” – Louise Vorster, senior trend manager and product developer at @home


Next-level customisation

“We are intently focused on developing our collections with customisation at the core enabling clients to engage personally with every element.” – Philip Richards, brand director at blu_line


The smart kitchen

“We are focused on dynamic design where the architecture of the kitchen is designed as environmentally adaptive creating an experience for every user, through the use of our Sensorline technology. Sensorline is our own internal branding for the technology that drives our automated sliding worktops.” – Philip Richards, brand director at blu_line


Rich tones

“We are seeing the continued trend of rich tones in the kitchen, but at the same time ensuring the space is not overwhelming, but rather refined.” – Craig Dexter, brand manager at nuuma


Top quality finishes 

“That element of luxury through the design and finishes is a strong focus of ours considering the materials being used are aesthetically pronounced, ensuring the space is uniquely defined.” – Craig Dexter, brand manager at nuuma


All about detail

“Accent materials showcasing different textures and shades are a way to add character to the overall space.” – Ashley Pelser, principal at twelve



Shereen Lurie

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