Luxe furniture

Written by Shereen Lurie

Stylish furniture to update your lounge.

Nature-Infused elegance

“Layer with organic elements combining a linen sofa with wooden armchairs. Add indoor plants and soft earthy hues and textures to create a refreshing, stylish oasis of calm.” – Margaret Steenkamp, head of brand and client service at Woodbender

Oden Tub Chairs, Woodbender

Elegant statement

“Transform your lounge by mixing diverse furniture styles with elegant fabrics such as rich velvets in eye-catching colours that complement the room.” – Margaret Steenkamp, head of brand and client service at Woodbender

Arabella Tub Chair & Salsa Stool, Woodbender

Modern updates

“Instantly update the look and feel of your lounge with a modern take on classic items – think leather couches or a timeless L-shaped sofa. Opt for clean lines and a comfortable yet sophisticated design. Plush cushions with subtle patterns and elegant, luxurious patterns add texture and comfort. Combine this with coffee or side tables in minimalist designs with glass tops and a metal or wooden base to add a touch of contemporary flair.” – Karin Cawthorne, owner of KARE Johannesburg

Gianni Lounge Sofa, KARE Johannesburg

Glass art

“Glass art creates visual interest and a touch of luxury. This could be in glass sculptures, vases, or even a large glass wall art installation. Opt for pieces that incorporate different colours and textures to catch the light and create stunning reflections.

“Thoughtful lighting, such as pendant lights with a metallic finish, complement the overall aesthetic. Additionally, add a couple of wall sconces to highlight the glass art pieces in the evening.” – Karin Cawthorne, owner of KARE Johannesburg

Infinity Lounge Sofa, KARE Johannesburg

Stylish furniture

“Elevate your lounge by infusing it with unique and stylish furniture pieces. Opt for a statement sofa with bold colours and rich upholstery, complemented by artisanal coffee and side tables that feature intricate designs.

“Introduce a mix of textures through plush rugs and tactile throw pillows, and consider a fusion of modern and vintage elements to create a distinctive and captivating ambience that reflects your taste.” – Donna Smith, marketing manager at Créma Design

Fat Lounge Chair, Créma Design

Sustainable materials

“Embrace natural elements for a serene and chic lounge. Incorporate sustainable materials like natural wood or rattan furniture, complemented by accessories with earthy tones. Add botanical touches through pot plants and patterns in upholstery to complete your look.” – Donna Smith, marketing manager at Créma Design

Feve Coffee Table, Créma Design

Contrast old and new

“Introduce a piece that artfully contrasts the old and the modern, infusing your space with timeless charm. Elevate your lounge with a distinctive touch from Stripped Collective. The Void Server embodies simple elegance, seamlessly merging the past and the present. It is the perfect statement piece that brings elements of Joburg city’s dynamic energy into the heart of your home.” – Khyle Strydom, co-founder and co-owner of Stripped Collective

Void Server, Stripped Collective

Crafted timber

“Add a crafted timber piece with gentle, rounded edges to infuse tranquillity into your space. Transform your lounge with Stripped Collective’s Rudimental coffee table. Its natural wood aesthetic seamlessly complements existing pieces while adding a touch of serene elegance. Elevate your décor effortlessly and create a harmonious atmosphere that resonates with timeless beauty.” – Khyle Strydom, co-founder and co-owner of Stripped Collective

Rudimental Coffee Table, Stripped Collective


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