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Hands on Lifts shares why you might want to think about getting a home elevator and how it’s a forever upgrade for your lifestyle.

Accessibility: Installing a home elevator primarily aims to improve access, especially for those with mobility challenges, disabilities, or elderly family members. It simplifies reaching different floors, offering a convenient, comfortable alternative to navigating stairs.

Convenience: Hauling heavy items or groceries between floors can be a hassle. An elevator streamlines this, making it easier to move bulky or weighty things around the house. It’s not just about people; it’s about efficiently handling object transportation too.

Increased home value: Adding an elevator can up your home’s resale worth. It’s a draw for potential buyers, especially those seeking accessible home features.

Future-proofing: As lifestyles change or family members age, having an elevator ensures continued functionality and accessibility. It’s a proactive step in preparing your living space for the future.

Aesthetic appeal: Hands on Lifts elevators come in various designs to match your home’s interior décor. They can add a luxurious, sophisticated touch to your property.

Safety: For those with limited mobility, stairs pose safety risks. An elevator eliminates these risks, providing a safer way to move between floors.

Backup power: All Hands on Lifts elevators come with an automatic rescue device, reducing the risk of being stuck. This device safely takes you to the ground floor in a power outage.

Independence: An elevator promotes independence, allowing individuals who struggle with stairs to move freely within their home without relying on assistance.

Remember, the choice to install a home elevator should consider individual needs, home layout, and future plans. It’s an investment that significantly enhances both functionality and property value.



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