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One-on-one with Kealeboga Tlalang

Written by Shereen Lurie

Kealeboga Tlalang is a visual artist whose extraordinary talent lies in his ability to capture the beauty of everyday life in the most unique and captivating ways. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the intricacies of the world around him, Kealeboga transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary works of art. Through his carefully curated compositions, he seamlessly blends disparate elements to create visually stunning pieces that evoke a sense of wonder and nostalgia.

My goal as an artist is to accomplish extraordinary feats and make the greatest impact.

My interest in art began as more than just a passion; it’s a calling that defies explanation. Art found me, saved me, yet ironically led me through periods of depression and anxiety. Nevertheless, I persist in creating art. Is it a curse or a blessing?

I grew up in the North West Province and moved to Johannesburg in 2013 to pursue my studies at the University of Johannesburg.

My favourite art trends revolve around depicting real-life events and affairs rather than repetitive themes. Creativity and uniqueness inspire me to continually push boundaries.

My latest art projects include the “African casino series,” a portion of which is featured here. Currently, I’m engrossed in the “Resurgence series,” which delves into the consequences of gambling, depression, suicidal thoughts, and overcoming challenges.

Advice to up-and-coming artists: Stay true to yourself, or you’ll never find peace and fulfillment.

Future goals include planning to introduce sculptures in the near future. For now, I am experimenting with various materials.

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