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One room, four looks

By Ilze Hugo, Production Liezel Norval-Kruger, Photography Micky Hoyle

The perfect spot to enjoy sunny alfresco lunches and balmy soirees, one city patio is given four unique makeovers courtesy of a refreshing selection of complementary hues from Plascon.

Melon punch

Cheery, multi-coloured DIY planters against an intense, hot-pink backdrop transform an ordinary patio into a happy-go-lucky haven.

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• Paint the walls with Plascon Wall & All Fuscia Fizz (R2-A1-1), the table with Plascon Velvaglo Fuscia Fizz (R2-A1-1) and the chair with Plascon Velvaglo Orange Juice (O3-A1-2). Leave the ceiling and the moulding white.
• Use pops of bright colour to create a colour-blocked effect. The white wall moulding provides a bit of a breather.
• Repurpose plastic cleaning containers into flowerpots. Remove the labels, punchholes in the sides and hang them against the wall with a colourful selection of string. Remember to make drainage holes in the bottoms.
• Choose plants such as Sweet William that provide an abundance of colourful flowers and thrive in small containers.
• The plastic woven carpet adds texture.


Plants, Stodels. Recycled bottles from local recycling depot. String used to hang recycled planters, Southern Ropes. Painted chair, The Treasury. Table Mr. Price. Painted chair, chair crazy. Plastic glasses, Woolworths. Green stool, Mr Price. Orange yoga pouffe, Ashanti. Orange and pink sarongs on chair, Woolworths. Lilo, The Crazy Store. Butterly net, Khoki. Carpet, Moroccan Warehouse. Towel (on ledge), @home. Tropical bikini (on ledge), Chica Loca. Orange espadrilles, Ginger Mary at Truworths.

Spice infusion

A grounded, natural palette accessorised with a miscellany of hanging lanterns and layered textures transforms a sunny terrace into a Moroccan-inspired oasis.

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• Paint the wall with Plascon Wall & All You’re My Sweetie (O4-C2-2) and the table with Plascon Velvaglo Freckle (O3-C1-2).
• Layer the space with a variety of different textured rugs – from smooth plastic to rough natural woven grass to create a comfortable padded haven.
• Use a staple gun to cover the ceiling with a pliable, natural woven fabric.
• For an interesting alternative to the hanging plant trend, put your pot plants into hanging lanterns and stagger them at different heights. Choose plants that will enjoy a terrarium environment.


Lanterns (glass and round), reed lampshades, carpets (except left), chair, leather pouffe, ceramic vase, ceramic bowl, teapot, cushion (on chair), glasses, all Moroccan Warehouse. Terracotta pots, Super Floral. Plants, Stodels. Carpets used for ceiling, Ashanti. Carpet on Floor (left), Ashanti. Cushion on floor, Bellamy & Bellamy. Oversized basket, Baraka. Hex side table, Haldane Martin. Cactus and Basket, both Woodstock Vintage. Winning colour combo: Above: Top to bottom: the swatches painted in the pastel shades of You’re my Sweetie (O4-C2-2) and Park Water (B4-C2-1) pair perfectly with the earthy background shade of Freckle (O3-C1-2). Lantern Moroccan Warehouse. Terracotta pot, Super Floral. Plant Stodels.

Lemon aid

Soft sherbet pastels, geometric prints and touches of purple come together to create a country-chic retreat in the heart of the city.

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• Paint the wall with Plascon Wall & All Lemon Rind (Y4-A1-3) and the table in a lighter tone such as Plascon Velvaglo Lemony Mist (Y4-A2-3) as a highlight. Paint the pots the same colours as the wall to give the impression that they are receding into the backdrop.
• Fasten pot plants to the wall with cable ties by attaching them end–to-end until they fit around the pot. String another cable tie through this hoop to act as a loop for hanging, then suspend from the wall with a nail.
• Bigger pots allow for a bigger choice of plants. Try petunias or pansies.
• Finish off the look by incorporating a mix of bold, large-scale graphic prints as seen on the cushions and rug.


Painted terracotta pots, Super Floral. Plants, Stodels. Mauve chair, The Modern Home company. Yellow chair, Haldane Martin. Painted table, Mr Price. Scatter Cushions, Skinny laMinx. Fabric pot cover, Skinny laMinx. Gardening tools and seed packets, Stodels. Yellow stool and ceramic cup on stool, both Imagenius. Purple Hunter boots, Imagenius. Carpet, Gonsenhausers. Fabric on ledge, St Leger & Viney. Winning colour combo: Opposite, from top: Venetian Violet (P4-A1-3) marries beautifully with a zesty duo of Lemon Rind (Y4-A1-3) and Lemony mist (Y4-A2-3). Plant, Stodels.

Berry crush

A bold, dramatic backdrop embellished with clean-lined, understated designer accessories make this patio one happening hipster heaven.

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• Paint the walls with Plascon Wall & All Hot-n-Spicy (R6-B1-1) and the table with Plascon Velvaglo Fresh Scent (Y6-B2-3). Keep the ceiling and moulding white.
• Offset the red-and white palette with a smattering of accessories in light blue or teal.
• If you opt for a high-design look, choose one item as a showpiece – in this scene it’s the white Haldane Martin planters. Keep the rest of the accessories minimal.
• Go for green accent plants such as cacti and other succulents.
• Exposed light bulbs in different shapes strung up on red and blue cords add a trendy, yet minimalist touch.


Eco planter on wall, Haldane Martin. Chair, The Modern Home Company. Table, Mr. Price. Radio, I-fi. Coffee cups, bowls and jug, all Intrepo. White stool, Block and Chisel. Red backpack, Chapel. Trolley, Entrepo. White plant pots and plants, Stodels. Carpets, Fibre Designs. Cushion, Entrepo. Ceramic gemsbok head, Quirky Me. Exposed light bulbs and fittings, Hoi P’loy. Red geometric lampshade, Abode. White linen dress, Hilton Weiner. Neckpiece, The Space. Shoes, Call it Spring. Winning Colour combo: opposite, the colour collection of Fresh Scent (Y6-B2-3), Hot –n-Spicy (R6-B1-1) and Teal Bubble (G6-B2-1) exudes contemporary cool. Exposed light bulbs and fittings, Hoi P’loy. White bulb and fitting, King Juliet Productions.


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