Plascon Inspires

Broad strokes

Photographs Graeme Wyllie, Paint techniques and text Charlie Vettori, Production Klara van Wyngaarden

Create a parallel universe of luxury with eye-catching horizontal stripes – it’s not nearly as tricky to achieve as you may imagine.

You will need:

Paint: Plascon Cashmere in Fresh Linen (Y3-E2-3) and Plascon Polvin or Cashmere in White.

Other: A ruler with a built-in spirit level, masking tape, a white water-based pencil (available from art shops), a medium sized sponge paint roller.


Apply two cots of Fresh Linen to your desired wall, allowing the paint to dry between coats.

Get the look:

Step 1: Measure the height of your wall and divide the height by the nearest measurement to 25cm so that you get an exact figure, not a fraction. Using the ruler and pencil, measure and mark 25cm intervals vertically up the wall.

Step 2: Use the ruler and white water-based pencil to draw level horizontal lines across your walls. Mask off the inside edges of every second stripe.

Step 3: Use the sponge roller to apply the white paint to the stripes whose inside edges have not been masked off. Apply two coats if necessary. Remove the tape and touch up the base colour where necessary.


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