Pool covers for every budget

In recent years, pool covers have undergone a significant evolution, reshaping how we utilise our pools and addressing numerous challenges faced by homeowners. PowerPlastics Pool Covers has simplified the process of covering your pool, catering to every budget.

PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover

Crafted with innovative GeoBubble technology, thermal bubble covers align your pool with eco-friendly practices at home. The GeoBubble range presents various covers, each offering distinct performances:

  • Sol+Guard: Maximizes natural heating.
  • EnergyGuard: Maximizes electricity savings while providing heating.
  • Thermal GeoBubble: Delivers excellent all-round performance and monthly savings.

Child safety is a paramount consideration. The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover is imperative where children and pets are at risk. Roger Bester, managing director of PowerPlastics Pool Covers, emphasises its significance due to regulatory standards governed by SABS through Building Standard SANS 10134. This SABS-certified cover has been a top-selling safety measure for decades. Unlike fences or nets, this cover acts as a complete barrier over the water, ensuring safety and conserving water, power, and chemicals.

EnergyGuard GeoBubble cover 

The Roldeck range of automatic slatted covers caters to the high-end market, offering sleek lines and automated convenience. It provides various slat and installation options, including retrofits. Benefits encompass improved heat retention, pool hibernation during inactivity, cleaner water by preventing dirt accumulation, water conservation by curbing evaporation, and robust child safety features capable of carrying weights of up to 50kg per m².

PowerPlastics Pool Covers also offers other pool accessories, such as the JetStreams range of high-powered water resistance jets, transforming home pools into gym or spa pool settings. Additionally, SolarPatio, an array of outdoor enclosures, creates an indoor pool ambiance without the expense of construction.

With over 30 years of experience, PowerPlastics Pool Covers provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of pool covers, available nationwide with unparalleled service and quality in the industry.



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