Setting the stage

For the hostess who appreciates sophistication, setting a captivating dining table is akin to an art form. aLoveSupreme provides insights into the key elements necessary for achieving a flawlessly styled dining setting.


Begin the masterpiece with an exquisite tablecloth, setting the foundation for a night of elegance. Let its texture and colour harmonise with the ambiance, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a dining experience filled with refinement and style.

Table runner

Add style with table runners, which weave sophistication down the center of the table with their patterns and textures. They enhance the dining experience by guiding the eye towards the culinary delights, adding to the ambiance of the meal.


Choose from a collection of placemats – whether fabric, paper, melamine, or other materials – to elevate each place setting and add a touch of personalized flair to your dining table.


Embrace eco-luxury with fabric or paper napkins, made from sustainable materials, to add a touch of refinement and conscientiousness to every meal.


Curate a selection of tableware that complements your aesthetic – whether classic porcelain, rustic earthenware, or contemporary ceramic. Each piece contributes to the overall tableau, bringing functionality and style to the dining experience.


Select glassware that enhances the visual appeal of your table setting. From crystal stemware to modern glass designs, the right glassware adds a touch of sophistication, elevating the overall dining experience.


Complete the scene with a captivating centerpiece that ties together the elements on your table. Whether a floral arrangement, candles, or a unique objet d’art, the centerpiece becomes the focal point, creating a visually stunning and cohesive dining tableau.

About aLoveSupreme

As creators of functional art gifts, aLoveSupreme takes pride in creating unforgettable moments and making you the ultimate gift giver. Its products go beyond mere items; they are expressions of creativity and bursts of colour designed to transform any space into a vibrant haven.

From proudly South African cushion covers to fabrics that breathe life into your surroundings, aLoveSupreme’s homeware collection is a celebration of diversity and flair. The kitchen collection encompasses tea towels, bowl covers, aprons, and oven gloves, all of which are not just utilitarian but also stylish statements. Plucky prints extend to dining products, gracing placemats, paper napkins, trays, and tablecloths with their distinctive charm.

In the lifestyle range, aLoveSupreme boasts funky shirts, shorts, jackets, and an array of bags, pouches, device sleeves, towels, blankets, and hot water bottles – each item a testament to aLoveSupreme’s commitment to infuse every aspect of your life with a touch of artistry.

Embracing sustainability, the eco range introduces stylish alternatives such as bowl covers, Buzzywraps, and handmade soaps, all wrapped in offcuts of aLoveSupreme fabrics.



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