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The complete guide to the furniture behind the sofa

Picture your living room as a stage, with the sofa taking the spotlight. But what about the often-forgotten area behind it? Sprucing up this space is like adding your personal touch to the backstage, where creativity and style take centre stage, bringing both function and personality into the room.

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Classic sideboard charm

Think of a classic sideboard as the unsung hero – practical, elegant, and ready to steal the show. This versatile piece, with its low and lengthy profile, is like the Swiss Army knife of furniture, finding its sweet spot in dining rooms or living spaces. It’s not just a storage wizard for books, magazines, and remote controls; it’s also a canvas for displaying your favourite candles, vases, and decor. And guess what? If your dinnerware needs a home, the sideboard has got it covered. Plus, it moonlights as the perfect stage for lamps, artwork, mirrors, or a touch of greenery, easily blending with the sense of your living room.

Whether you’re into a traditional or vintage look, a classic sideboard with natural or lacquered wood finishes, maybe even sporting some fancy inlaid details, can be the missing piece to complete your space. Match it with your sofa’s tones for a harmonious feel, or go bold with a contrasting shade for a dynamic twist.

EuroCasa Johannesburg presents Febal Casa

The versatility of a simple table

Now, imagine a simple table as your reliable sidekick behind the sofa. With its rectangular silhouette, this multitasking wonder can be your go-to desk for work or study sessions, or readily transform into a cozy dining/snack area for impromptu meals with friends. Spice it up by decorating with trays, baskets, flowers, or a magazine rack.

If you prefer a modern or minimalist feel, a simple table made of metal, glass, or laminate could be your perfect match. Go with the flow by matching its colour with your sofa for a sense of cohesion, or go all out with a bold contrast to make a stylish statement. The choices are yours as you develop a space that not only reflects your taste but also meets the practical needs of your everyday life. It’s your home – let it tell your unique story.

Other ideas

In addition to the sideboard and the table, there are other creative ideas for furnishing the space behind the sofa. For example:

  • A bookcase: open or closed with sliding doors, it provides ample space for books and other items.
  • A bench: padded or wooden, a bench offers additional seating or somewhere to place cushions and blankets.
  • A console: slim and refined, it features a surface for objects and collectables.

Imagine that extra space behind your sofa as a helpful companion in your living room. This piece of furniture isn’t just there; it plays a crucial role by providing additional storage for the essentials of your cozy space – books, magazines, remote controls, and those frequently used items. It’s like having a backstage organizer, keeping everything within reach yet out of sight.

But it’s not just about functionality. This trusty sidekick contributes to the warm and harmonious feel of your living room. It’s the secret ingredient that helps tie everything together, matching with the style and colours of the rest of your furniture. So, it’s not just a piece of decor; it’s a storyteller, enhancing the overall atmosphere and making your living space feel even more inviting.



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