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The mattress that encourages spinal stretching

Throughout the day, our bodies accumulate anxiety, stress, and fatigue. These issues can be alleviated at night through a unique system that gently stretches the back and muscles while you sleep. The movement of this system may be imperceptible but is crucial. Properly stretching your back, no matter your position in bed, prevents your body from becoming tense during sleep. This effectively reduces the discomfort many of us experience upon waking after hours of sleep, often unaware of our less-than-ideal posture.

The innovation brought by MagniStretch

The technology behind the MagniStretch Sport mattress was developed specifically to create an innovative and cutting-edge bed system. This project emerged from a productive collaboration between Magniflex and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Zaragoza.

The MagniStretch Sport mattress is the preferred choice for athletes, champions, and individuals who prioritise their health and well-being. Its unique technology enables your back to stretch while you sleep, mimicking a stretching exercise that alleviates fatigue and relaxes your muscles.

How does it work?

Magniflex has developed a technology that capitalises on the body’s natural pressure, enabling the spine to stretch in two directions: from the lower back to the neck or from the lumbar area to the feet. This is achieved by utilising the inclined sections of the two types of boards that make up the mattress.

Weight is evenly distributed, creating space between the vertebrae and promoting muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation through a systematic approach.

The MagniStretch Sport mattress consists of two layers: one in Elioform and one in Eliosoft (softer), both constructed from elastic and durable fibers that enhance spinal comfort. The MagniStretch Sport mattress not only offers exceptional anatomical support for the spine but also contributes to the benefits of stretching while sleeping.

Experience the same benefits for your neck and muscles that you would typically feel after a gym stretching session, all while comfortably lying in your own bed.



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