Timeless design ideas

Written by Shereen Lurie

8 classic kitchen ideas that will never date.

Consider your colour palette

“The use of colour is important, with the white and natural look still being very popular. It works well to keep kitchen cabinetry in a neutral colour palette, for instance earthy colours like tints and tones of beige and grey as well as the minimal use of natural timber-look veneers. Vibrant colours can be introduced through your kitchen accessories.” – Melanie Stein, managing member at EuroCasa Jhb

EuroCasa Jhb

Freestanding or integrated appliances?

“The use of freestanding or integrated appliances that suit the way you live will never age; it has become a necessity and is both attractive and functional. A few examples of integrated appliances are eye-level ovens, integrated or freestanding fridge and freezer, and integrated or freestanding dishwasher.” – Melanie Stein, managing member at EuroCasa Jhb

EuroCasa Jhb

Add elements of interest

“Creating a break in the monotony of cabinetry with an interesting element or twist is an important part of timeless design. This could be an open shelving element, a beautiful glass component, a steel division or perhaps a live earthy element such as a plant or herbs.” – Sheldon Hughes, director of Blend Africa


Neutral colour palettes

“To create a timeless kitchen, one should always consider neutral colour palettes – think taupe, warm colours with a woodgrain. The style should be elegant with a plain door or a simple shaker profile. Pairing this with a marble-look quartz or porcelain product for worktops of different thicknesses and/or textures will always be a winner.” – Sheldon Hughes, director of Blend Africa

Blend Africa

Less is more

“Less is more is our approach to design, which is the philosophy of designing understated yet sophisticated kitchens. Less is more is knowing what to hold back, what not to put into a design in order to ensure the design is able to make a timeless statement of sophisticated luxury.” – Craig Dexter, brand manager at nuuma


It’s all in the details

“Designing with subtle details is important. Details are critical to a luxury kitchen, but the way those details are brought in is what separates a timeless design from a trend. We focus on bringing in details through our various materials in a way that showcases interest and character while still managing to keep an understated feel.” – Craig Dexter, brand manager at nuuma


Form and function

“We believe that a timeless kitchen has at its core the essentials, which are form and function. This means the kitchen not only works well but also is able to make the statement demanded. A modern kitchen must also consider the combination of textures and materials to ensure character is brought to the space and the needed emotion.” – Jenna Buys of twelve


Think about your extractor fan

“Stainless steel freestanding extractor fans were a great trend a few years ago, but if you are looking for something timeless, think about a hidden or integrated extractor fan. This white-on-white handleless kitchen has all the features that will never date.” – Monique Da Costa-Kilian, national training manager at Easylife Kitchens

Easylife Kitchens

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