Why you should hire an interior decorator

The input of decorators often finds itself relegated to the final stages, presenting numerous design and architectural challenges rather than integrating solutions from the project’s outset. Cathrin Bolt, owner of Nowadays Interiors, has 15 years of experience as an interior decorator, affording her a greater understanding of the decorator’s role alongside architects, architectural designers, and interior designers.

Bolt has found that collaboration is key to achieving optimal outcomes, where each professional capitalises on their strengths to contribute maximum value to the project. For decorators, their expertise lies in specialising in fabrics, wallpapers, window dressings, and hardware, while leveraging trusted industry connections and suppliers to curate bespoke solutions. According to Cathrin, the seamless collaboration between decorators, architects, builders, and shopfitters combine to ensure a cohesive final design.

An interior decorator offers you: 

  • Specialised knowledge and added value on purchases
  • Access to samples and finishes libraries
  • Industry connections and quality control over suppliers
  • A personalised approach tailored to your lifestyle and taste
  • Knowledge of the latest trends and market offerings
  • Retail partnerships with leading furniture and homeware brands

Hiring a decorator will not only save you money and give you peace of mind but, most importantly, bring every design element together, resulting in a beautiful, functional, and livable space.



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