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Written by Shereen Lurie

Designing the shower of your dreams involves careful consideration of various elements to create a space that is both visually appealing and functional. Our bathroom experts share top tips for designing the shower of your dreams.

Shower type and style

“There are many different shower options to consider, ranging from walk-in showers to enclosed units, frameless to framed, and even semi-framed designs. Additionally, for those dealing with space constraints who desire both concepts in one room, there are shower-over-bath options available.” – Candace D’Amore, member at Durbanville Sanitary & Plumbing

Durbanville Sanitary & Plumbing

Shower mixer location

“When planning the placement of your shower mixer and/or diverter, consider installing it on a side wall as you enter the shower, rather than directly beneath the overhead shower. This arrangement allows you to access and adjust the mixer without getting your arms wet, making it easier to achieve the perfect water temperature.– Adele Swart, buyer & CSO – Sanware at Stiles


Customizable shower systems

“Modular shower systems enable homeowners to customize their showers with various components, including showerheads, body jets, and handheld sprayers, to match their preferences.” – Martin Francis Mpukani, marketing manager at Euro Bath & Tile

Euro Bath & Tile

Choose your shower head

“A versatile showerhead offers multiple functions, allowing you to switch between various spray patterns, from a focused, massaging setting to a gentle, wide spray. Meanwhile, a handheld showerhead provides you with precision and control while you shower.” – Justine Nair, internal sales assistant at Euroshower


Consider the environment

“At GROHE, we believe that consumer needs always play a pivotal role in the products we design. However, we also consider the impact on the environment and the growing scarcity of water availability by providing showers that meet both consumer and environmental requirements.” – Michelle Lowe, leader marketing at LIXIL Africa

LIXIL Africa

Proper drainage

“It is important to have proper drainage. When water cannot drain adequately and sits for a while, it can lead to the buildup of bacteria and dirt. In such cases, a simple solution is to use Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid and warm water.”– Jonothan Goodale, director at Victorian Bathrooms

Victorian Bathrooms


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