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Written by Trisha Harinath

Colour plays an important role in any room in the home, but more so in the bedroom. We look at 10 bedroom colour schemes that will ensure you wake up happy every day.

10 bedroom colour schemes

“Colour in homes, and especially bedrooms, is used to achieve the optimal ambience of cosiness, peace and calm. Your choice of colour reflects your personality, but there are guidelines to make it easier for the consumer,” notes Martie Woehe, the founder and owner of Sophia’s Décor & Design (on behalf of Olympia International Paints). According to Woehe, below are the most popular colours to choose from, in no particular order:

  • Hues of blue – from sky blue to light blue with a hint of grey.
  • Bright, natural hues like beige to shades of honey and desert, sienna to mouse grey.
  • Soft greys and colours with a grey undertone, like sage.
  • Coral shades, a blend of orange and pink, salmon, dusty rose and blush.
  • Peacock blue, which is darker than the all-popular teal blue.
  • Dark greys like charcoal, storm and black.
  • Deep green to khaki tones.
  • Bordeaux or dark wine reds to purplish shades.
  • Mustard to curry, antique gold, saffron and turmeric.
  • Browns from chocolate to caramel, toffee and latte.

Olympia International Paints

Not just for your walls

Dulux has a range of specific colour palettes that are ideal for the bedroom, including:

  • CF19 Love palette with rich shades.
  • CF19 Act palette which offers fun and energetic shades.
  • CF19 Dream palette with calm and peaceful colours.
  • CF19 Think palette with bold hues.
  • CF18 Pictures Rock Home.
  • CF18 Comforting Home.
  • CF18 Inviting Home.
  • CF18 The Playful Home.


Palesa Ramaisa, a Dulux colour consultant, offers these tips on how you can incorporate the specific colour schemes in your bedroom: “The bedroom is taking on a more important role in modern lifestyles. It is no longer the room that people use just to sleep, but has evolved into a sanctuary to pause, relax and recharge in a hectic world. Using the above-mentioned colour palettes means that the bedroom can still be trendy while creating calm spaces. These can be incorporated not only through painting walls, but by adding these shades and colours into your decorations using woven baskets, lamp shades and accessories like rugs and throws.”
You can also add your specific colours by painting furniture, window frames, doors and cupboard doors. Or bring in the colours through fabrics and accent décor pieces. It really is up to you and your imagination is your only limit.


Make a statement

“Colour is much more than the paint we roll onto our walls. It’s a source of inspiration and escapism that can be customised and combined to affect our mood and shape our lives,” explains Katlego Kondlo, head of decorative marketing at Plascon. Plascon has introduced four colour palettes for 2019 (Glamour Story, Luxury Story, Minimal Story and Urban Story) that are ideal for any room in the home, including the bedroom. “The way we choose to use colour offers an opportunity to effect change, tell the world our personal stories, to share our passions and to act as a mirror of the things that mean the most to us and that is what our colour stories are about,” says Kondlo. Kondlo explains how each colour story can help you make a statement in your bedroom: “Our Glamour Story appeals to confident and creative souls; the Luxury Story is made up of rich autumn hues set against calming neutrals and they reflect on your appreciation of life’s most simple pleasures and quality over quantity. The Minimal Story speaks to the caring, introverted thinker and instinctive problem solver, and last but not least our Urban Story has colours that appeal to those driven by the desire to connect with the world as a result of a love of travel and the energy of cities.”


Refresh and revive

“Bedrooms are becoming more sanctuary-inspired spaces that help us retreat and restore our minds for our busy schedules, so calming, tranquil colours rest the mind and generate renewal,” says Sandra Larkin of Sandra Larkin Interiors, who is a colour specialist and colour consultant for Versus Paint Specialists. She adds that painting your room will not only update it aesthetically but ultimately helps you create an even more tranquil and calm space. “The most cost-effective way to change your bedroom is to look at your paint colour first. Repainting any room revitalises it and gives you a chance to spring-clean and throw away clutter, such as old ornaments and magazines. It also gives you a chance to look at what you have through new eyes. By just hanging a picture or restyling your room, you can give this space a new lease of life.”

Sandra Larkin Interiors


Trisha Harinath

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