Culinary cabinetry

Written by Shereen Lurie

One of the most striking features in any kitchen is its cabinetry. The design you choose can dramatically alter the appearance of the space, while its features will contribute to making cooking a pleasurable experience. We provide expert advice on choosing cabinetry that is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

What are some of the new and innovative materials being used for kitchen cabinetry?

“We are observing the utilisation of textured, glossy, and matt materials that can either stand alone or be combined for a more dramatic effect.” – Jenny Buys, twelve kitchens

twelve kitchens

What tips do you have for home owners who are looking at cabinetry for the kitchen?

“While prioritising functionality, the kitchen must also ensure that its finishes not only serve a functional purpose but also seamlessly integrate with the overall home design. These finishes should be capable of making a statement while harmonising with the home’s interior.” – Craig Dexter, brand manager at nuuma


Are there any exciting innovations in terms of cabinetry that we can look forward to?

“We are enthusiastic about the integration of motorised units into kitchen cabinetry. Valcucine kitchens come to life, enhancing the bond between the kitchen and its user. Through V-Motion, a novel and patented intelligent system, the realms of ergonomics and wellbeing have been elevated to new heights, infusing every kitchen experience with a more remarkable, poetic, and emotional essence.

“As an illustration, the gentle movement of a hand, akin to that of a conductor, effortlessly opens the door, activates the tap, and illuminates the rear panel lights, creating a truly unique sensation.” – Casarredo interior design team


Why is ergonomic design important?

“Arranging preparation zones, cooking areas, and storage spaces establishes distinct hubs for various purposes, allowing the entire family to engage in different activities within the kitchen simultaneously.” – Fazlin Oosthuizen, head designer at Blend Africa

Blend Africa

What should home owners keep in mind when purchasing cabinetry for the kitchen?

“Trying to integrate all the finest design elements and trends seen in online or print magazines without tapping into your lived experience to guide the selection of essential elements that are practical and necessary for your daily routine is certainly something to avoid.” – Casarredo interior design team



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