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Written by Shereen Lurie

Geometrics are not only visually stimulating but also versatile, seamlessly blending with a variety of design styles from modern to eclectic. Their playful nature invites creativity, allowing for endless possibilities in decor arrangements. Embracing geometrics can transform mundane spaces into dynamic showcases of style and personality, enriching your home environment with charm and vibrancy. Here’s how to integrate geometrics into your home.

Wallpaper and fabrics

“Geometric wallpaper can serve as an interesting focal point, sparking conversation. Ottomans or a retro-designed chair upholstered in geometric fabric offer a unique way to accentuate the contemporary aspect of a stylish interior.” – Michéle Fortune, product development at Design Team Fabrics

Design Team Fabrics

Sideboards, home decor and wall art

“Geometric-inspired sideboards and consoles are emerging as stylish additions, providing functionality and artistic flair to interior spaces, while home decor items like vases and carpets incorporate creative geometric designs. Captivating wall art with intricate geometric patterns and three-dimensional designs further elevates the overall visual appeal of interior spaces.” – Johann De Waal, marketing manager at KARE Johannesburg

KARE Johannesburg


“Opt for furniture pieces and accessories showcasing geometrically inspired designs. For instance, Roche Bobois offers a range of contemporary rugs boasting bold and striking patterns, elevating the overall aesthetic of the space, like the PARQUET Rug designed by Marcel Wanders.” – Tshidi Radebe, marketing and communications manager at Roche Bobois

Roche Bobois

Working with geometric shapes

Johann De Waal from KARE Johannesburg shares three tips for homeowners to follow when working with geometric shapes.

Create a focal point: Make a statement with a bold geometric piece—be it a vibrant rug or captivating wall art. Create a focal point that sets the tone.

Accentuate architecture: Let geometric shapes enhance your space’s structural beauty, strategically emphasising architectural features for a harmonious and stylish interior.

Reflect your personal style: Infuse your space with individuality by selecting geometric shapes and patterns that mirror your unique taste, ensuring your home expresses your style.

KARE Johannesburg

Featured image: KARE Johannesburg


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