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How to set up a wellness room

Written by Shereen Lurie

There’s nothing quite like retreating to a calm space in your home to unwind. These “wellness rooms” are gaining in popularity and are areas for meditation, yoga, creative brainstorming and a lot more. This is what you need to consider when setting up your own “wellness room”…

Decor Identity

Keep it minimalist

Elisha Annandale, owner of interior design company Decor Identity, advises to keep your wellness room relaxed, open and minimalist. She says, “Make sure that the room is free of clutter to prevent you from becoming distracted by everything around you.” This also applies to the room’s colour scheme – a neutral colour scheme will freshen up the space.

Incorporate nature

Try to incorporate greenery in the form of plants and fresh flowers into the room. This will add to the overall calming feel and also help to purify the air. Annandale suggests featuring a mural of a relaxing nature scene on a feature wall.

Select comfy furniture and flooring

Your wellness room must promote total relaxation so select furniture that is comfy. Go for chairs made from plush fabrics or a chaise lounge that allows for reclining. You can go for either soft and cosy carpets or easy-to-clean wood flooring. Rolls of carpet padding can be placed beneath area rugs to make you feel more comfortable when sitting on a meditation cushion. Piles of throw blankets and pillows will also add to the coziness of the space.

Pay attention to the lighting (and temperature)

Include a floor lamp as well as dimmable, indirect and colour-changing LED fittings to set the mood. Also, install a thermostat for controlling and regulating temperature in the room.

Feature personal objets d’art

Create a bespoke space with personal objets d’art. These can include a collection of crystals, Buddha heads, candles, incense holders and anything else that has meaning to you.

Decor Identity

Bianca Suttner, owner of interior architecture, design and décor firm Dolce Vita Designs, shares her top tips for curating two types of wellness rooms – a home gym and a meditation room.


1. Purchase the best equipment money can buy with some essentials such as a treadmill/bicycle, weights, bench, yoga mat or foam roller.

2. Rubber interlocking tiles are a great flooring solution as they are easy to clean and easy to replace.

3. There must be sufficient storage space for towels, yoga mats and foam rollers – this can also double up as a water station.

4. Install floor-to-ceiling mirrors on one width of a wall.

5. Install an aircon unit/fan, but also ensure there is enough natural ventilation from windows and doors.

Dolce Vita Designs

Meditation room:

1. Include images that promote a cool, calm feeling.

2. Ensure that there is a sound system to play soothing and calming music.

3. Soothe the senses with aromatic oils.

4. Install dimmable lights.

5. Block-out curtains will ensure that you feel like you are floating in a cocoon in the darkness.

6. Storage for blankets, towels, gowns, massage oil and aromatic oil and water will be required.

7. The flooring solution should be something that can be cleaned easily.

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