Kitchen appliance must-haves

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Kitchen appliances are essential to optimising your lifestyle and wellbeing. From state-of-the-art ovens to energy-efficient refrigerators, they streamline tasks and enhance culinary creativity. Transform your kitchen into a hub of efficiency and culinary delight with the latest innovations.

The AENO Blender-Soup Maker

AENO‘s Blender-Soup Maker TB1, revolutionises culinary experiences. Boasting eight automatic programs and a spacious 1.75L glass bowl, it simplifies mastering new cooking skills. Effortlessly create hearty soups or prepare baby food with its convenient 2-in-1 boil and whip function. Plus, with the electronic recipe book included, culinary inspiration is readily available.

The AENO Blender-Soup Maker

Steam ovens

Steam ovens revolutionise cooking with their health-conscious approach. Utilising steam, they preserve nutrients and flavours, ensuring vibrant, nutritious dishes. Even cooking and minimal need for fats promote convenience and healthy living. Steam ovens simplify cleaning and offer versatility for nutritious meals, making them essential for wellness-focused kitchens. Euro Appliances presents a variety of steam ovens from brands like Gaggenau, Miele, and Wolf.

Miele steam cooking

DNA Slow Juicer

Hirsch’s offers a diverse range of health-promoting products, including juice extractors, smoothie makers, kitchen gadgets like spiralisers for vegetable pasta, steamers, grills, and the popular air fryer. Their DNA Slow Juicer efficiently extracts nutrients, providing raw fruit and vegetable juice with high nutritional value, making it an ideal alternative to high-carb drinks. These products cater to health-conscious families seeking nutritious options.

DNA Slow Juicer

Bespoke French Door Fridge with Beverage Center™

Samsung will unveil an upgraded Bespoke French Door Fridge with Beverage Center™ lineup later this year, boasting improved energy efficiency from A+ to A++, and all models will feature WIFI connectivity. Equipped with Samsung Digital Inverter Technology and a 20-year warranty, providing customers with peace of mind.

Bespoke French Door Fridge with Beverage Center™

Whirlpool microwaves

Whirlpool offers a range of microwaves designed to promote healthier cooking options, such as steam-focused features and Oil-Free Frying (Air Fry Technology). Their microwaves, including the W9 and W7 Collections and the Supreme Chef model, utilise innovative technology to seal in flavours and nutrients while offering convenient steam and boil programs. The Crisp function allows for frying without excess oil, ensuring delicious, healthier meals.

Whirlpool W7 Collection Microwave


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