Top tips for integrating engineered and natural stone

What comes with over 23 years of experience? An expertise like no other! Interslab not only offers the highest quality in global surface brands but also the best advice. As South Africa’s largest surface supplier, Interslab is no stranger to FAQs.

Interslab is your ‘one-stop shop’ for the world’s best surfaces, serving as a wholesaler for various local and global brands, including Rudi’s Choice, Caesarstone, Eezi Quartz, and Infinity Surfaces.

Selecting the right materials for your home can significantly impact its aesthetics, durability, and overall functionality. When it comes to surfaces, Interslab’s selection of engineered and natural stone brands stands out as timeless choices that can elevate your home to new heights. Whether you’re renovating or building from scratch, here are their top tips for incorporating Interslab’s stunning materials into your design.

Eezi Quartz Bianco Carbonia

Can you mix natural and engineered stone in your design?

Using both natural and engineered stone in a design scheme can be very effective if done right – it’s an art that requires careful consideration. Begin by selecting a primary stone, such as natural granite or marble with distinctive veins and patterns. Complement it with engineered stone for areas demanding uniformity, like countertops or backsplashes. Engineered quartz, for instance, offers a consistent appearance and exceptional durability. The key is to strike a balance that creates visual interest without overwhelming the space. Consider contrasting colours and textures to add depth and character to your home.

Interslab offers a selection of brands whose materials can be used to create bespoke furniture pieces as well. Nothing says luxury like a custom-made piece that’s unique to you and your home.

What is the most durable stone on the market?

Beyond aesthetics, the functionality of your surfaces is paramount. Engineered stones like quartz and porcelain are made to be more durable, resistant to stains, and easier to maintain. Natural stones like granite and marble, while stunning, may require more attention to prevent staining and etching.

For sensitive stones like marble and onyx, resealing every six months with a product like Akemi® is recommended. High-gloss marble provides a more resilient finish, creating a less porous surface. Granite needs less frequent resealing if regularly polished with a wax-based product or Mr Min®.

Prioritise your needs – if durability is crucial in high-traffic areas, opt for engineered stone. Natural stones can shine in statement pieces, like a modern kitchen design, provided you’re willing to invest extra time in maintenance.

Rudi’s Choice Onice Pure White

How to select your stone

Keep your desired colour palette in mind and explore a selection of samples to determine what works best for your desired look and feel. Samples are a small part of the eventual slab you’ll purchase, serving as a great indicator. Take these samples home and assess them in different rooms to account for variations in light and surroundings. Confirm with the installer that it matches what you ordered before installation

Why can’t I buy my stone direct?

Interslab’s large-scale slabs are extremely heavy, requiring special machinery for transportation from branches to installers – and later to your home for installation. Specialised skills and tools are also necessary for cutting, fabricating, and installing these slabs. It’s crucial to engage a reputable installer and fabricator to handle these processes. Getting multiple quotes ensures fairness in pricing for your desired material and project’s needs.

What is the best way to care for my stone countertops?

  • Engineered: Routine cleaning with warm soapy water (a mild detergent) and a damp cloth is recommended. Engineered stone, being virtually non-porous, retains its luster without polishing and doesn’t need sealing. Avoid using harsh chemicals and consider Interslab’s specialised cleaning products available at their branches or online.

  • Natural: Chemico®️ and Windowlene®️ are good products to use for daily cleaning of granite. Marble and onyx should ideally be cleaned with natural stone cleansers. To prolong the need for resealing granite, use a wax-based product approximately twice a week. Marble and onyx are very sensitive and should be resealed every 6 months: Akemi®️ is an excellent sealer that you can apply yourself. High-gloss marble provides the most resilient finish, as it creates a less porous surface than usual. Your supplier will be able to tell you whether your preferred slab has a high-gloss finish. Granite needs to be resealed less often if you have been regularly polishing it with a wax-based product.

Visit to find your nearest branch and reputable installer.

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Featured image: Caesarstone Montblanc


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