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Written by Shereen Lurie

Exciting 2024 design trends that we love.

Biophilic design

“Sustainability, eco-consciousness, and staying true to natural materials are crucial design considerations for 2024. Incorporating natural light into spaces and offering views of nature become key accents. We anticipate a shift away from heavy, ornate window treatments towards larger bare windows or those utilising sheer curtains. Additionally, the integration of skylights may gain more prominence in home design for bringing in natural light.” – Jocelyn Jones, founder and director of Jossi Design

Jossi Design

Terrific tiles

“Dramatic tile patterns on feature walls and even on flooring will bring grandeur to interior spaces and can be a great way for homeowners to showcase their own style and personality, which is a must for 2024.” – Jocelyn Jones, founder and director of Jossi Design

Jossi Design

Sculptural furniture

“In 2024, we’ll witness the rise of sculptural furniture in interior spaces. As design constantly evolves, these furniture pieces transcend traditional functionality, transforming into unique works of art that enhance the overall space. This trend blurs the boundaries between furniture and art, elevating interiors.”- Leanne Van Niekerk, owner and designer of LVN Interiors

LVN Interiors

Stripes and maximalism

“Stripes, maximalism, and unique glasswork will be big in 2024! Stripes will adorn wallpaper, upholstery, and accessories, injecting spaces with a vibrant and distinctive touch. Embracing maximalism, we’ll explore patterns, opt for book stacks, open shelving, and gallery walls to infuse spaces with both functionality and joy.” – Karin Cawthorne, owner of KARE Johannesburg

KARE Johannesburg

Relaxed sophistication

“People seek to surround themselves with what brings them joy, often involving entertaining friends and family. Furniture design must cater to this need for companionship—featuring large, inviting dining tables, playful cocktail cabinets, interior and exterior bars equipped with plush seating, and luxurious outdoor areas designed with entertainment in mind.” – Schanè Anderson, founder and CEO of Olala Interiors

Olala Interiors


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